Little White River

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80 km
3 days
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1775 m
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274 m
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Not applicable
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Start at the Dump Camp bridge (just north of the junction of Highways 546 and 639) on Highway 546.

The canoes should be launched on the east side of the river, a short distance downstream from the Dump Camp bridge. This is a good camping spot.

Following the river Downstream 4km the river passes under the first bridge on Highway 546.

The Boland River enters the Little White River 15 km downstream from the start of the trip.

Six kilometers south of where the Boland River enters the Little White marks the start of a series of rapids inter-spaced with calm stretches of water and ends at a waterfall 6 km downstream. There is a cabin on the side of the highway which marks the beginning of the white water section, during low water most of this part of the river is too low to paddle and must be portaged around. Only the expert should try to run these rapids during high water in the spring as they are quite fast and treacherous.

>From the cabin downstream to the Scarbo Bridge there are six portages and they are as follows: 274 m; 119 m; 46 m; 183 m; 114 m and 274 m. The portages are all on the right hand side and go along the gravel highway. The last portage ends approximately 137 m downstream from the bridge on the east or left side of the river.

Between Scarbo Bridge and the White River Lodge, which is 2 km downstream on the left, there are three small rapids that can be run or portaged around. There are also several places to camp.

Downstream approx. 1 km from the White River Lodge is a 206 m portage on the left around a short series of rapids and a waterfall.

Downstream from the falls approx 0.8 km there is a bridge. Just past this bridge on the left is a good campsite.

Beaver Lodge is located 5 km downstream on the left bank of the river. The river and highway part approximately 19 km south of here and the river swings to the right, this is the last place you can pull out of the river until you arrive at Bells Falls and Highway 554, another 20 km downstream.

The portage around Bells Falls 206 m, on the left just before the bridge.

The Little White River enters the Mississagi River 6 km downstream from Bells Falls. There is a good campsite here.

The Mississagi River takes you to the town of Iron Bridge 19 km or to the town of Blind River, another 48 km.

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41 J/10 Rawhide Lake 41 J/11 Wakomata Lake 41 J/6 Iron Bridge
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41 J/NE Bark Lake 41 J/NW Wakomata Lake 41 J/SW Thessalon (Provincial Series Maps)
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The route takes you down the Little White River 80 kilometers (50 miles) where it joins the Mississagi River.
The topography along the river ranges from low lying land to rolling hills and high rocky bluffs. The timber along the north end of the route is mainly pine and spruce. This gradually changes to a hardwood forest as you go down river.

The river has many fishing holes where brook and rainbow trout can be caught. People interested in nature photography will not only obtain excellent shots of scenery but also enjoy shooting the wildlife along the river - moose, deer, bear, beaver and many species of birds.

A minimum of three days should be allotted for the trip. If you plan to fish or spend any time exploring, more time should be allowed.

The nearest sources of supplies and canoes are Iron Bridge, Blind River and Elliot Lake.

The Boland River makes an excellent side trip. A trail on the right hand side of the Boland follows the river upstream for about 4 kilometers (2 1/2 miles) to a set of rapids and falls. Fishermen should not neglect this opportunity to tangle with brook trout just below the falls.

Don McGorman


Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


This trip is not pleasant from mid-May til 2nd week of June due to the black flies. The Beaver Lodge is out of business although new owners live in the main house and are friendly. The trout fishing in larger pools is very good.

Post date: Mon, 06/30/2008 - 14:01


As a novis kayaker is the Little white river from Hwy546 and 639 advisible to run all the way to the Missisaggi?