Long Swamp to Petworth

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Dennis Kerr
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8 km
1 days
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0 m
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This 3 or 4 hour paddle starts where Depot Creek crosses Long Swamp Road (between Moscow and Bellrock). You will paddle Depot Creek to Napanee Lake, which is the half way point. Napanee Lake is where the Napanee River starts. Depot Creek (which is fed by the six Depot Lakes)and Hardwood Creek flow into Napanee Lake.

There are shores good for a break, a lunch. Then you'll head south on the Napanee River to Petworth. We normally have our 2nd vehicle (this is not a loop trip)parked at the end of River Road, near Petworth, and we end there.

You could go through Petworth, under the bridge and go to Colebrook, but there are some (mild) rapids through Petwroth so be cautious there. There's a dam at Colebrook with essentially turns the Napanne River more lake-like in front of the dam than river-like.

Special Comments: 

There is nothing anywhre on this route. Long Swamp to Petworth is 8 kms of relaxing flat water peace & quiet. All you'll have for challenges might be a couple of sorta-kinda beaver dams to deal with. It's about a 30 or 40 minute drive from Kingston. As noted,