Lower Blindman River

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Guillermo Barron
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6 km
0 days
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0 m
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0 m
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No wheelchair access. Short and easy access and egress for those with minor mobility problems.

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Put in from Highway 2A just south of Blackfalds where the highway crosses the river. The river is mostly easy paddling, numerous riffles and rock gardens, and one or two very small rapids to 1+. Main channel is sometimes only 4 or 5 metres wide. A few sweepers. Follow river 6 km to the Burbank Campground at the confluence of the Blindman River and the Red Deer River. Take out here (parking and bathrooms) or continue down the RD to Joffre Bridge 20 km away.

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We paddled this gentle river (little more than a creek) on a calm June evening in about 1 1/2 hours. Watch for muskrats, beaver, mergansers, mallards, cliff swallows, and the occasional hillbilly on an ATV.

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Average river flows drop from 6 cu. m/s to less than 1 during an average season; occasionally reaching 15-20 in flood. But high flow rates typically drop off very quickly. The river was running at 3.3 when we paddled it. At this flow, the biggest difficulty was running aground in the numerous rock gardens. Lower flows may require you to haul your boat. It would be a very different paddle in higher flows.