Maligne Lake

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David Wicket
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22 km
2 days
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0 m
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Nestled high in the Canadian Rockies (1.6km above sea level) within Jasper National Park, Maligne Lake has been blessed with more than its fair share of scenery. Home of world renowned Spirit Island, Maligne Lake also sees more than a million visitors annually. Despite the tour boats that ply the waters, this flat-water trip still scores top ratings. Besides, the tour boats only go as far as Spirit Island, leaving the last and most majestic 8kms of the lake to the paddlers.

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GPC Coordinates
Coronet Creek 52.596 -117.423
Coronet Creek (EoT) 52.556 -117.414
Fisherman's Bay 52.654 -117.503
Four Mile Point 52.694 -117.589
Hidden Bay 52.708 -117.619
Home Bay 52.726 -117.643
Leah Creek 52.694 -117.588
Maligne River 52.686 -117.601
Mary Vaux Creek 52.601 -117.449
Picnic Site 10k 52.669 -117.531
Picnic Site 4k 52.696 -117.613
Sandpiper Creek 52.656 -117.516
Spindly Creek 52.620 -117.478
Teardrop Falls 52.631 -117.488
Trapper Creek 52.691 -117.609

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A canoe trip on Maligne Lake is a surreal experienced not to be missed, the farther away from the boat launch you get the better the scenery becomes. At 22 kilometres long Maligne Lake is the second largest glacial fed lake in the world and the water is understandably cold, 4c degrees on average. They call Maligne Lake a "drown-proof lake because "the water is so cold, you'll freeze long before you ever drown."

It is advisable to get on the water early in the morning as winds usually come up late morning/early afternoon.
Weather can be unpredictable, so be well prepared.