Manigotagan River from Caribou Landing

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70 km
5 days
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3165 m
Longest Portage: 
475 m
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Access - Quesnel Lake Road south from Bisset
Caribou Landing Access
P 175 m R around rapid
P 230 m L around rapid
Northwest on Manigotagan River
P 95 m L around Elbow Rapids
P 475 m R around Wendigo Rapids
Northwest through Turtle lake
P 140 m R around Turtle Rapids
P 110 m R around Kettle Rapids
P 140 m R around Charles Falls
P 45 m R around Pillow Falls
P 70 m L around small class 2 rapid
P 100 m R around Sand River Falls
Liftover at small chute
Two rapids - CBR
P 30 m L around boiler Rapids
Onion Patch Rapids - CBR
P 125 m L around Skunk Rapids
P 80 m L around Big Eddy Rapids
P 255 m L around Cascade Chutes
P 145 m L around Engineer Rapids
P 25 m centre of island at Old Woman Falls
Class 1 rapid - CBR
P 225 m R around Burntwood Rapids
P 90 m R around Poplar Rapids
P 160 m R around rapid
P 450 m over bridge at Wood Falls
Take out at Hwy 304 - Village of Manigotagan

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52 L/14 52 L/13 52 M/4 62 P/1


Post date: Mon, 05/21/2018 - 11:59


Just curious if anyone has done this section lately? I haven't done it in over 15 years and am hopeful it is still as great as I recall. It had a huge burned out section last time but that only made for one bad campsite. It also had a low fish issue due to someone blasting for fish...horrible. That was all a long time ago. I was hoping to run it sometime in July and just was hoping to hear some good things. thanks for taking your time.


Post date: Mon, 06/29/2009 - 13:16


Also a note that Charlie has been known to offer a shuttle service, where you can pick him up in Manigotagan and take him with you to Caribou Landing, and he'll drive your vehicle back to Manigotagan for you. It's well worth the money, not only for the convenience but also because Charlie is well versed in the history and legends of the River and area.

Post date: Wed, 06/25/2008 - 20:59


The Manigotagan River is abosluelty beautiful! I would like to just comment on the a trapper's cabin that we stopped at. One out journey back in Aug 2007, we had a late start on day 1 and day 2 hurled wind, rain and waves at us. At the end of the night, desperate to find a camping spot, we came around a bend, the sun peaked out of the clouds and we came to "Charles's" cabin. It was like pulling up to a resort after what we went through. Although we didn't stay in the cabin, we tented outside and had an awesome time. I perosnally know Charles, as i'm from the Manigotagan area and he would absouletly love it if you stopped during your trip.

There is another trapper's cabin on day 1, however we didn't have the chance to stop and check it out.

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions, or about the Wanipigow River, as i'm from the area.