Manigotagan River from Long Lake

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100 km
7 days
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3510 m
Longest Portage: 
475 m
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Highway 304 gravel access road to Long Lake
West through Long Lake
P 210 m L around Long Lake Rapids (two rapids)
West on Manigotagan River
P 5 m R around Sloperock Falls
P 95 m L around Devil`s Sleuce
P 35 m R around small falls
Southwest on Manigotagan River
West through northern tip of Manigotagan Lake
Northwest through Quesnel Lake
Past Caribou Landing Access (alternate start point)
P 175 m R around rapid
P 230 m L around rapid
Northwest on Manigotagan River
P 95 m L around Elbow Rapids
P 475 m R around Wendigo Rapids
Northwest through Turtle lake
P 140 m R around Turtle Rapids
P 110 m R around Kettle Rapids
P 140 m R around Charles Falls
P 45 m R around Pillow Falls
P 70 m L around small class 2 rapid
P 100 m R around Sand River Falls
Liftover at small chute
Two rapids - CBR
P 30 m L around boiler Rapids
Onion Patch Rapids - CBR
P 125 m L around Skunk Rapids
P 80 m L around Big Eddy Rapids
P 255 m L around Cascade Chutes
P 145 m L around Engineer Rapids
P 25 m centre of island at Old Woman Falls
Class 1 rapid - CBR
P 225 m R around Burntwood Rapids
P 90 m R around Poplar Rapids
P 160 m R around rapid
P 450 m over bridge at Wood Falls
Take out at Hwy 304 - Village of Manigotagan

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52 L/14 52 L/13 52 M/4 62 P/1