Missinaibi River - Missanabie to Moose River

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485 km
23 days
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Town of Missanabie via Hwy 651 (50 km north of Hwy 101)
Train access to Peterbell
East on Dog Lake
P 290 m (crosses height of land)
Northeast through Crooked Lake
P 360 m to Missinaibi Lake
Southeast then east through Missinaibi Lake
East on Missinaibi River
P 200 m R around Quittagene Rapids
Cedar Rapids (CBR)
P 200 m L around Long Rapids (or CBR)
P 100 m L around rapids (or CBR)
P 100 m L around rapids (or CBR)
P 450 m L around Sun Rapids (or CBR)
P 200 m L around Barrel Rapids (or CBR)
Past town of Peterbell
P 200 m R around Swamp Rapids
Two rapids (CBR)
P 135 m R around Deadwood Rapid
P 310 m R around Allan Island Rapids
P 200 m R around Wavy Rapids
P 1400 m L around Greenwood Rapids
P 550 m R around Calf Rapids
P 75 m R around St. Peter Rapids
P 100 m R around rapid
P 275 m R around Split Rock Falls
P 180 m R around Thunder Falls
P 200 m R around St. Paul`s Rapids
P 150m R around rapid
P 250 m R around Two Portage Falls
P 200 m R around Pond Falls
P 125 m R around Devil Cap Falls
P 590 m R around rapid
P 185 m R around Devil Shoepack Falls
Rapid (cbr)
P 70 m L around Devil Rapids
Rapid (CBR)
Rapid (CBR)
Rapid (CBR)
Rapid (CBR)
Albany Rapids (CBR - some lining / wading required)
P 450 m L around Big Beaver Rapids
P 135 m L around Small Beaver Rapids
P 65 m L around Sharprock Rapids
P 175 m R around Glassy Falls
P 250 m R around Crow Island Rapids
Past town of Mattice (intermediate route access / finish from Hwy 11)
P 180 m centre of island around Rock Island Rapids
P 580 m R around Black Feather Rapids
P 100 m R around Beam Rapids
P 400 m L around Kettle Falls
Rapid (CBR)
Rapid (CBR)
Rapid (CBR) after Alice Island
P 1645 m L around Thunderhouse Falls (don`t miss this one - extreme danger)
P 875 m R around Stone Rapids
P 2350 m R around Hell`s Gate Canyon
Long Rapids (CBR - lining / wading)
Four Mile Rapids (CBR - lining / wading)
Finish at Moose River Crossing

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
42 C/8 Franz 42 B/5 Missinaibi Lake 42 B/6 Makonie Lake 42 B/11 Peterbell 42 B/14 Ericson Creek 42 G/3 Opasatika Lake 42 G/6 Rock Lake 42 G/11 Mattice 42 G/14 Shannon Lake 42 J/3 Thunder House Falls 42 J/2 Friday Creek 42 J/7 Soweska River 42 J/8 Wawa Lakes 42 J/9 McCuarg Creek 42 I/12 Pickett Creek 42 I/14 Moose River
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For a key plan showing topo maps required for the entire Missinaibi River route, click here