Mississippi River

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100 km
4 days
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2600 m
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800 m
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Start at Dalhousie Lake. There is a boat launch at the downstream(east)end of the lake.
Paddle to Mississippi Lake. There are several sets of small rapids which can all be run.
The canoe must be lined through the shallow rapids at Innisville.
A long paddle along the entire length of Mississippi Lake until you reach the river again just below Carleton Place.
A 700m portage around the dam at Carleton Place.
A short paddle to Appleton, including 2 sets of rapids which are easily run.
A 400m portage around the dam at Appleton.
A 2 hour paddle to Almonte.
An 800m portage around the dam at Almonte.
A 2 hour paddle to Blakeney.
A 700m portage around some big rapids.
Another 2 hour paddle to Packenham.
Line the canoe through the shallow rapids under the bridge here.
Another 2 hour paddle
to Galetta.

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31 C/15 31 C/16 31 F/1 31 F/8
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We did this trip at the end of July and the water levels were low but most of the rapids could be run.
When you reach Almonte, the canoe can be taken out just below the bridge on the west side and portaged down the main street to a small park below the waterfall.
At Blakeney,exit the river at the bridge. You must find a path through the woods to bypass the rapids. DO NOT try to run these rapids. People have died trying.
At Packenham, I found the east side of the river under the bridge to be the easiest.
This is a very enjoyable river for beginners. The river and lake are filled with cottages so you are never far from a telephone.


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