Natla - Keele Rivers

CanadaNorthwest TerritoriesMackenzie
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490 km
20 days
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Access by float plane from Normal Wells, Fort Norman or Ross River (Yukon)
Start at O`Grady Lake
Through O`Grady lake into shallow stream
Section 40 km long - continuous whitewater (class II and III)
Middle section 72 km long - quieter than first part
(gravel bars and islands in this section)
Final 8 km - fast water and large rapids in canyon
(class III to class VI rapids in this section)
This 8 km section can be bypassed with a high trail along the river (horse trail)
Confluence with Keele River
Keele River is quieter than the Natla, but still large rapids
Significant standing waves and some canyons
Portages required at 2 km above Ekwi river, the Flowerpot between the Ekwi and Twitya Rivers and a whirlpool 40 km from the Twitya River
Enter MacKenzie lowlands about 100 km before confluence with the MacKenzie River
Slower current, gravel bars in this area
Confluence with the Mackenzie River
50 km to Fort Norman (finish)

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Sekwi Mountains 105 P Nahanni 105 I Mount Eduni 106 A Wrigley lake 95 M Carcajou Canyon 96 D Fort Norman 96 C