Nine Mile Lake

CanadaOntarioGeorgian Bay basin
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Darren Cope
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Additional Route Information
38 km
3 days
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Total Portage Distance: 
2580 m
Longest Portage: 
1200 m
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Not applicable
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Route Description
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Put-in at South end of Nine Mile Lake (UTM 17, NAD83, 575577E, 5031797N)
North on Nine Mile Lake
P1200 m to Wolf Lake
N, then SW on Wolf Lake
P70 m to Upper Marsh Lake
Camp on point north of outlet to Marsh Lake (UTM 568791E, 5038963N)

S into and through Marsh Lake
P20 m around rapids
S on Blair Creek
LO beaver dam
S on Blair Creek
Lunch on Point in Cranberry Lake (UTM 570286E, 5033802N)
N on Blair Creek
LO beaver dam
N on Blair Creek
P20 m around rapids
N through Marsh Lake and into Upper Marsh Lake

Hike to Round Lake
NE through Upper Marsh Lake
P70 m into Wolf Lake
NE then S through Wolf Lake
P1200 m to Nine Mile Lake
S through Nine Mile Lake to take-out

Trip Journal/Log/Report/Diary: 

Thursday, October 19, 2006 (Day 0)

Worked a normal day ('til 4:30), rode home and then went to the grocery store for trip food, came home, finished packing and ate some dinner (store-bought sushi-not nearly as good as Izumi's!). I then drove to the office to get the canoe. I unlocked the compound and canoe, and tied it on the car. I drove home and watched game 7 of the NLCS. The Cardinals beat the Mets in the 9th inning, and will face the Tigers in the World Series. Went to bed at approximately 11:30pm.
Friday, October 20, 2006 (Day 1)

Up to the alarm clock at 7amn. Had a bowl of cereal, then loaded the car and set off. I was out the door at approximately 7:45am, after saying "bye" to Keli and Kona. The drive was uneventful, aside from some construction south of Parry Sound. I got to the put-in and unloaded, and was on the water by about 10am. There is a "McDougall Township" park at the put-in, with plenty of parking. Georgian Nordic Ski Club also has their base on Nine Mile Lake Road, just off 124.

I paddled North on Nine Mile Lake, checking out some of the streams running into the lake along the way. The water level is very high, as shown by the docks under water, and no visible "high water" mark on the rocks. Even here at my campsite, the fire pit is half under water! I got to the most southerly island of Nine Mile Lake at approximately 11:30am, and had lunch (bagel, pepperettes, cheese, apple). The campsite on the island was a bit of a mess, with miscellaneous garbage including a charcoal grill, and Rubbermaid tub sitting around the kitchen area, and a big tattered blue tarp around the shitter.

Another kilometer or so brought me to the portage. It's in the western bay on the north shore and is signed with two snowmobile club signs. I carried the big pack and a paddle over first. The trail is fairly easy to follow, except when the beaver pond is reached (just past the half way point). Here, the snowmobile trail clearly goes across the pond (when it's frozen of course) and the "foot" trail goes through the bush just barely skirting the pond, and in some cases climbs up along a small cliff on the east side of the beaver pond. The "foot" trail never gets far from the main snowmobile trail, and joins back up in places. Soon, Wolf Lake appears, and the trail ends. I walked back, then returned with the day pack and canoe. I would say that the trail felt like less than 1200m, but it can't be, according to the map! Wolf is a nice looking lake (aside from the hydro lines of course). I paddled up to the center of the lake, then took the western arm, on the south side of the big island. I saw no obvious campsites, so decided to push on to Upper Marsh Lake. The portage is at the extreme south west end, and is very short (

Special Comments: 

Easy access and parking via Nine Mile Lake Road off of HWY 124.

Can be joined on to Round Lake Provincial Park (no camping) and then up to the Shawanaga River and Rock Island Lake area.


Post date: Sun, 08/30/2015 - 15:24


I mapped this route out on Google earth then imported it into Base Camp then to my GPSr. I plan to track the route when I do it. How do I upload it so that others can use it?

Post date: Sun, 08/30/2015 - 15:20


I'm trying to find out where the campsites are for this route. 2 are mentioned in the log. I went looking for "Canoe Routes of Ontario" book but the last edition seems to be 1991. Are there specific campsite or areas where we are not allowed to camp? Does someone maintain the sites and/or portages?