Noganash Lake Loop

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Don Burgess
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Additional Route Information
64 km
5 days
Loop Trip: 
Portage Information
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Total Portage Distance: 
4260 m
Longest Portage: 
1900 m
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Some very rough portaging.

Technical Guide: 

Start at Lost Channel Marina, off highway 522.
Canoe East on Kawigamog Lake.
Portage right 200m onto Smoky Creek.
Lift over left 75m.
Portage left 350m.
Canoe South through Smoky Lake to Noganosh Lake.
Canoe East through Noganosh and Last Lakes to John Lake.
Portage right 100m to first unnamed lake.
Canoe to South end of lake.
Portage between creeks 390m to second unnamed lake.
Canoe to South end of lake.
Portage West 130m to third unnamed lake.
Canoe to South shore of lake.
Lift over 40m to Deep Lake.
Canoe to West end of Little Deep Lake.
Portage 310m to Finney Lake.
Canoe to West end of Finney Lake.
Portage 480m to Portage Lake.
Canoe to the end of the bay to the Northwest of the lake.
Portage 260m to Sunny Lake.
Canoe to the Northwest end of Sunny Lake.
Portage 1900m: West to a logging road, North on the road and through woods to Noganosh Lake.
Canoe to the North of Noganosh Lake and return via Smoky Lake, Smoky Creek and Kawigamog Lake.

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Noganosh 41 H/16
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Online Ontario Base Maps at
Special Comments: 

There is no established path for the portages through the unnamed lakes.
The portages from Little Deep Lake to Portage Lake, although advertised by a local fly-in service, are in poor condition.
The scenery along this route is very good. Fishing is also good.
Campsites are numerous.