North Channel - Blind River to Whitefish Falls

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125 km
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Town of Blind River on Hwy 17 between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie
Start at public boat launch by Hwy bridge at Blind River
East along North Channel (no absolutely defined route)
East then northwest through Bay of Islands to finish at town of Whitefish Falls
Access to Whitefish Falls - Hwy 17 west of Sudbury, then south on Hwy 6 past Espanola

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41 J/2 Algoma 41 J/1 Spanish 41 I/14 Whitefish Falls
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This route follows a general eastward direction, weaving through the hundreds of islands dotting the North Channel. It is a route which demands close attention to the topo maps - the many points and islands along the route can be very confusing.
The North Channel is a large body of water. Even moderate winds can generate waves large enough to swamp an open canoe. Be prepared to paddle in the early morning or late evening and lose and occasional day to windy conditions