North River Lake

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10 km
2 days
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Fair in the spring, very poor in the Fall.

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From Hwy 17, left immediately N of Deux-Rivieres. Access Point #26 Permit at #25
From Public Access Point. 2km of creek travel to open Lake.

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Day one. Drive to Access Point from Ottawa 285km.
Struggle my way through creek to North River Lake. Locate what I think is a site, and promtly fall into Lake while investigating the shore. Very Nice water. Find proper site on south shore point. Well sheltered by Cedar. Easy access shore, good swimming although niether sandy shore or jump in. Good Flinstone furniture. Tent site level and sheltered. Site unused several months, No litter, some precut wood. Kindling at your feet, but substantial firewood must be gathered off site. Day 2 Vegatate. Explore Lake and Meganser Lake 90M P. Never saw a sole. Numerous Loons. Day three. Leave same route I left only much better prepared for creek and dams. Apperantly this is a well used lake in spring for fishing. I would not recommend this route much later than the middle of August, unless one is prepared for a very difficult start.

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31 L/1 North River Lake
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Just a short solo trip to see what it was like. Very nice low usage Lake. I camped on a beutifull point site on the south shore. The access point was a small, shallow creek with multiple beaver dams at this time of year (end of July). It is essentially the entrance to a large bog before you reach the actual Lake. Approx. one hour. Be prepared for B.dams