Nottaway River

CanadaQuebec08 Lower James Bay
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210 km
6 days
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just secure you car and go. may need some french

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start a Matagami Quebec. north of Val Dor an d amos quebec. park car and start canoeing. several lakes to start but then the river starts and continues until it empties into rupert bay.

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This is a powerful river with fast current and exploding waves. The chute of the Iroquois is a mandatory carry on left. Also another carry on right where river goes violent for about a mile. Both portages are marked on the map. Near the bottom of river where it breaks into channels aroung islands hug the right side while in rolling rapids and take small side channel but remember it is a carry some distance in on the left just as the channel makes a sharp left turn. After the river ends up in rupert bay you will make it to an island with an abandoned fishing camp. from there cross over north to the mainland and make it to a tidal stream called the cuttaway. it will keep you off the mudflats. remember it is tidal and you may spend a change of tide hanging out.

Ffort Rupert (Washkaganish) is up a bit on rupert river. Go to the catholic church. They were very helpful finding us a place to stay and arranging air flight back. but today there is now a full use road all the way to Fort Rupert (at least that is what they told me on the phone). Although I have done the Nottaway 3 or 4 times the last time I did in was in the 80s.


Post date: Thu, 09/17/2009 - 17:12


Hey can you please give me more information on the river! thanks

Post date: Sat, 11/14/2009 - 16:01


I took a canoe trip down the Nottaway in the early 60's at a time of very low water which caused some of the narrows to be very turbulant. We lost most of our gear just above the narrows above the 70' falls. We spent the next 5 days without meals working our way over portages that
were in many cases over the dry river bottom, We were very hungry by the time we made it up to the Post at Rupert House.