Ogoki river - Collins to Ogoki Post

CanadaOntarioHudson Bay, James Bay north
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460 km
14 days
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2560 m
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300 m
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Thanks to Daryl Wilson for providing all of the route information for this trip. Daryl paddled this route in July 1995

Daryl Wilson darylw1@golden.net
Transportation Logistics

We drove to Nakina and took the train West to Bath lake (about 1.5 km East of Collins- about 30 km West of Armstrong). We canoed to Ogoki Post on the Albany river and flew back to Nakina (our car) in a chartered twin otter.
Note: The flight from Ogoki Post to Nakina accounted for 75% of the cost of our trip. There is a scheduled airline that does this flight at half the price if it is prearranged.
The official policy of CN is to no longer stop along the track, however the local engineers and conductors are most gracious (it is an easy paddle back to the start point from Collins if necessary).
We had “Nakina Air Service” drop us at the train station in Nakina and take our car back to their air base for storage until our return.
P1- 75m from Bath lake to Boiling Sands river
P2- 140m 285748 shown on top. map
P3- 50m river left portage into Gnome lake
P4- 50m river left portage into Tamarack lake
P5- 140m 270830
P6- 55m river left Boiling Sands rapids (into Smooth Rock Lake)
( we left map 52-I/6 at 245970 and went up through Outlet Bay)
P7- 200m 500m left of Berg river outlet 290147
P8- 60m river left 281158
P9- 60m river left 284164
P10- 40m river left 291221 (into Ogoki river)
P11- 140m river right 328279
P12- 60m river right 331282 ( into Whitewater lake)
(we left map 52-I/14 at 592340, into Ogoki river, 105 km from start point)
P13- 250m on island 617350 This one is tricky, We had to view it from river left and cross the upper section of rapids to the island. I believe there is good water here for running but very large standing waves.
P14- 250m river right 649373 (into Whiteclay lake)
P15- 200m on Island 881343 (into Ogoki resorvoir)
P16- 200m left side of dam 295230 ( East end of Ogoki resorvoir)
P17- Lift over river right 378249
Bridge over river at 387241. This is the only contact point by road (204 km from start point). This road goes to Nakina and could be used as a start or end point to split the trip in two.
P18- 70m river left , Ogoki falls
P19- 300m river left, 618373 Amy falls
768310 Follow right fork of river
840322 Follow right fork of river
Go East through Ogoki lake
(we left map 42-L/14 at 100292)
Continue East through Kaydon, Harrogate andPatience lake
P20- 200m river right 196365 The entrance and exit points of this portage were totally grown in. We had to locate the portage and cut a new access on either end . The trail itself was in good shape.
From Esser lake to Eby falls (map 42-m 530710) the rapids were too numerous to detail with few if any established portages. At this point you are descending the shield and a great deal of caution should be exercised. 1:50,000 scale maps would have been necessary to produce any reliable information and they were still not available in 1995. Below Eby falls there were no difficult sections of river however the current on the Albany is strong so you must cross it with care or you will end up down river.

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
52 I/6 52 I/9 52 I/11 52 I/14 52 I/15 52 I/16 42 L/13 42 L/14 42 L/15
Topo Maps (1:250,000): 
42-M 42-N
Special Comments: 

- The fishing was fantastic
- From Ogoki lake down the moose were everywhere
- There are several large lakes on this route, respect the power of Mother Nature
- The north channel of the Ogoki river does not look like it could be easily done but I might try it someday.
- We were eleven days from the train ride to the plane ride. It would be better to do half the trip in that time.
- The area up to Ogoki lake was predominately hardwood mixed with evergreens. The area from there to the Albany was largely black spruce
- Some of the large lakes had fishing lodges but we seldom seen any people
- In addition to the moose we observed bear, fox, eagles, osprey, and many smaller species
- After you leave Esser lake it is extremely difficult to keep track of your location (too many rapids and too few distinguishing features), a G.P.S. unit would be very handy.


Post date: Sun, 10/12/2008 - 09:42


In 2008 we travelled a small section of this route below the Okogi Reservoir dam (P16) and witnessed the dramatic change in depth and character of the river effected by the dam outflow. An MNR C.O. advised us water levels were the highest in sixty years, and Ontario Power Generation must have been releasing the excess down the Ogoki. We happened to be camped near the dam when and helicopter came in and some of the sluice gates must have been closed. In narrow areas, the river dropped 3-5 feet (great for retrieving pickerel jigs we lost the day before). Judging by the river channel cut and bordering shrubs, the lower level has prevailed for some time, and is probably similar to the level encountered by Daryl on his trip in 1995. When the water was high, rapids and what are riffles in low water are obstacles worthy of the upmost respect with powerful currents, and shrubs in the flooded areas, making lining quite difficult. Though, not sure how far downstream the effect of the dam outflow would have significant impact?