Opeongo-Laveille Route

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Scott Helmer
Additional Route Information
85 km
5 days
Loop Trip: 
Portage Information
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Total Portage Distance: 
9530 m
Longest Portage: 
5305 m
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Route Description
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Start at Opeongo access
North through Opeongo Lake
P 1390 m to Proulx Lake
North through Proulx Lake
North on Creek
North through Little Crow Lake
East through Big Crow Lake
East on Crow River
P 240 m L around rapid / dam
P 155 m L
P 1220 m R around rapids
East on Crow River
P 385 m L
P 170 m L
P 205 m L
P 110 m L
East through Crow Bay
East into Lake Lavieille
South through Lake Lavieille
South through Hardy Bay
P 90 m
South through Dickson Lake
P 5305 m west to Bonfield Lake
P 260 m to East arm of Opeongo
East then south through Opeongo to finish

Maps Required
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Algonquin Provincial Park Map published by Friends of Algonquin Park
Special Comments: 

This trip is generally not very crowded. Portages are difficult.

Lake Opeongo is a tough lake to paddle in high winds. If one plans to arrive late to Algonquin on the first day, it might be wiser to make use of the water taxi that will take one to North or East arm.

The most spectacular part of the trip lies in the areas of Big Joe Lake and Lac Lavieille. Spend extra time here if you can. On Big Joe lake is a spectacular lookout on the shore near the ranger cabin. There is even an
abandoned watch tower by the lookout (climbing of which is prohibited, but who`s looking).

Also, Crow River (the one between Joe and Lavieille) will take the good part of a day to paddle.

I did this trip a little over a year ago at the end of August, and we encountered hardly anybody.

Scott Helmer