Oskar-Max Lake

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Irene Ascough
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19 km
2 days
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0 m
Longest Portage: 
880 m
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Not applicable
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A description of the route is available on the following document which also provides a map of the route.


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We managed with a photocopy of the .pdf. Although some campsites weren't exactly as marked.<br />
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We paddled part of this route with our two young kids on a very warm October weekend. We only checked out one portage that was well marked and nice and wide. We camped on Max lake and found that campsite 13 was basically underwater. Campsite 12 was the best one on the lake and had room for a couple of small tents. Campsite 15 would have worked but was not quite as nice. If you are looking for a wilderness trip then this may not be the trip for you. However it was a great introduction to "backcountry" camping for our kids and just a nice quiet relaxed weekend for us.


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A little bit of info for the novice  tripper

There is no cell  service on this route.  

Lulu lake to Oskar lake portage which is the longest at 800m  is always in terrible shape.  all other portages are always basically in good shape. 

Park office has a basic map that is highly functional for this route  it marks all the camp sights and  portages.  you can veiw it in the link given in the technical guide.  

Great entry level trip for  younger kids and or  a casual couple days out in the wilderness.

experience has  shown me hi winds and max lake on the south side between the island can be tricky for less experienced tripper  but do-able.  The  water  gets confused and does not know which way it wants to travel.