Ottawa River Pembroke to Parlament

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189 km
8 days
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1000 m
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500 m
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This trip as excelent evac points. River Right (Ontario) has evac points (private homes) every .5 a kick at the max. While River Left (Quebec) has amble crown land to camp on

Technical Guide: 

Longest day: day eight with 29 km
Shortest day: day three with 15 km
Average: 23 km

Day One: Muskrat River (Ont.) to Private residence in front of Ile Marcotte (Ont.)

• 24km
Suspected Trouble
• Possible ice on shore
• Ice chunks
• Frozen eddies
• Swifts surrounding Ile Morrison
• Waters from Westmeath to camp site
o Island navigation
o Unknown swifts
o Frozen channels
o End of day/night travel

Day Two: Private residence in front of Ile Marcotte (Ont.) to La Passe (Que.)

• 23km
Suspected Trouble
• Rapides Poquette
• Island navigation
• Waters prior to La Passe
• Fork at La Passe (stay right)

Day Three: La Passe (Que.) to River Run Paddling Center (Ont.)

• 15km
Suspected Trouble
• Navigating and negotiating the Ottawa River Provincial Park
• Using the Ottawa River Whitewater Guide by Jim Hargreaves
• McCoy’s chutes portage on RR (northwest end of Cedar Island)
• Middle Channel directions
o At “The Split” take the L channel
o Take “Magical Mystery Tour” that’s a kilometer down from “The Split” on the L
o Portage for “Butterfly” is on RL about 50 meters above the L hand chute
o Portage for “Garvin’s Chutes” directly RR of the chutes
o “Upper No-Name” is best scouted by boat
o Alternate route would be the “Sneaky Channel”
o “Lower No-Name” has portages on both RL and RR of it RL is quite obvious
o Paddle through “Black Velvet”
o Take the opening 750 meters further downstream to River Run’s take out

Day Four: River Run Paddling Center (Ont.) to Portage-du-Fort (Que.)

• 24km
Suspected Trouble
• Rapids up to Lac du Rocher Fendu
• Portaging at Portage-du-Fort

Day Five: Portage-du-fort (Que.) to Norway Bay (Que.)

• 21km
Suspected Trouble
• Possible high winds and chop
• Locals

Day Six: Norway Bay (Que.) to Quyon (Que.)

• 23km
Suspected Trouble
• Chats Falls

Day Seven: Quyon (Que.) to Breckenridge (Que.)

• 23km
Suspected Trouble
• High winds at Woolsey Narrows

Day Eight: Breckenridge (Que.) to Parliament Hill (Ont.)

• 29km
Suspected Trouble
• Deschenes Rapids
• Rapids between Champlain Bridge to Champlain Falls
• Final Section up to Parliament Hill
• Alternate Take outs and portages need to be found as well
These four trouble spots MUST be scouts prior to the 1st day of trip

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I am still putting this together. It may be a while, I'll have more detail info as well

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We used the program Soft Map. Strongly recammended that you used colour and not black and was cheeper though :)
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We did this trip from April 17, 2004 to April 22, 2004.
The water was high.
On day three, the guage showed the water being 14.75.

Regarding the five portages,they are three dams, Garvins Rapid and Muskrat Rapids within the Ottawa River Provincal Park. There are numerous additional rapids allong the trip but all were runnable. There were alot of swifts on route as well. On a later season trip there would no doubt be new rapids, no lineing was needed.