Pembina River - Hwy 18 to Twp 603A

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Wendy Perryman
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16 km
1 days
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0 m
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0 m
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Access is on the northeast side of the bridge.  There is a vehicle path and room to park.  Access to the river is under the bridge.  It was a bit steep and muddy near the river but everyone made it down safely.  We are considering bringing planks of wood to avoid sinking as much and maybe adding grips to assit with climbing down.

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It was about 20 Celcius with 10 km/h NNW wind.

Smoke in the air.

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We took three canoes and two kayaks.  Two canoes had one adult and one small child each and the other canoe had one adult, a nine year old and a teenager.  The kayaks had a teenager in one and adult in the other.

I did not find it difficult to get the canoes or myself down to the river but a couple of others did.  Everyone made it down safely, if a little muddy. We left the bank around 2 pm on Sunday. 

The river was low and slow moving.  It was reasonably easy to paddle a canoe alone even with a few short gusts of head wind.  We made two short stops on sand beaches along the way to stretch our legs.  There were a few spots where the river was very low and we scraped bottom once or twice but not enough to stop the canoe or cause any concern.

The kids started to get a bit bored after 3 hours with the whole trip taking just over 4 hours.  It was very easy going and relaxed.  If we had two paddlers in each canoe it would easily have gone faster.

The exit is an approach for an ice bridge which allows you to exit on either side of the river.  It was easy to see and to pull out the canoes.  We chose to exit on the West side of the river to be further away from houses however the East side allows for a quicker return to the vehicle left at the bridge.

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I tried to upload a gpx file but it kept giving me the error "trackfield_csv_insufficient_data". I'll try to upload it again later.

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