Petawawa - Cedar Lake to McManus Lake

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Daniel Elia
Trip Date : 
July 2018
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111 km
7 days
Loop Trip: 
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Total Portage Distance: 
3000 m
Longest Portage: 
1400 m
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Access Points:

Radiant Lake

17T 31 E/16 711900E/50997200N

Lake Traverse

17T 31 K/4 727400E/5093700N

Schooner Rapids

18T 31 K/4 284000E/5102500N

Technical Guide: 

7 day August 2018 @14 m3/s

Put in: Cedar Lake


Cedar Lake – Radiant Lake – Lake Traverse – Schooner Rapids – McManus Lake


Cedar Lake Dam/Rapids – CII, Scout RL

Portage around Dam (400m)

Sunrise Rapids – CI/CII, Scout RL

Devil’s Chute – CIV – Portage RR on CN track (800m)

Radiant Lake – Super beautiful

Squirrel Rapid – CI

Big Sawyer/ Battery Rapids – CII, Scout RL, Ran RC under bridge

Cascade/Whitehorse Rapids – CI-CII, Scout RL, Ran RC rock dodging

Francis Rapids – CI/CII, Scout RR, Ran RC rock dodging

Killdeer Rapid – CI – Cliff jump RR at Lake

Wagtail Rapid – CI/CII, Scout RL, Ran RC- RL rock dodging

MacDonald Rapid – Portage RL (1400m)

Bypass Falls – CII+, Lined RR

Rocky Chute – CIV, Pull over

Devil’s Cellar – huge set CIV/V, Portage RR (530m)

The Temptations:

Beelzebub’s Whirlpool – pull over

Dumplings - ran

Fury – lined

Dracula – ran

The Keeper – lined

Angel – ran

Poplar Rapids – CIV, Portage RR (500m)

Traverse Lake – super nice

Big Thompson – CII, Scout, RR, Ran RC

Little Thompson – CII, Scout RR, Ran RC

Above the Chute – CII, rocky

Chute – CIV, Portage RR (200m)

Below the Chute – CIII, Ducky RL

Rollaway Rapid – CIII, Scout RR, Ran RL

The Natch – Part 1: CIII, Scout RL, Lined RR

Part 2: CII, Scouted RL, Ran RC

Schooner Rapids – CI

Five Mile – CI/Swifts

McManus Lake – Takeout @ beach on RR

Take out: McManus Lake


Campsite 1: Cedar Lake Dam

Campsite 2: After Big Sawyer/Battery Rapid RL

Campsite 3: At Bypass Falls RR

Campsite 4: Lake Traverse Island

Campsite 5: At the Natch section RL

Campsite 6: At McManus Lake RR before Takeout with Bear Hang

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