Petitot River (BC Highway 77 Bridge to Fort Liard, NT)

CanadaNorthwest TerritoriesMackenzie
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Michael Pealow
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50 km
1 days
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0 m
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- You can pull off the highway and leave your vehicle on the south-side of the Petitot River Brige (BC Highway 77/NWT Highway 7). There is a narrow, unmaintained road leading down to the bank where you can launch from.
- The river has many small rapids down most of the length of the river.
- There is a fantastic canyon (unclimbable) more than half-way down the river. There are some rapids within the canyon.
- Stop at the first gravel bar you see after entering the canyon (right bank) and climb to the top for a fantastic view. Keep your eyes open for a small cave on the way up.
- A large cliff on the left bank with powerlines (marked with aircraft balls) signals the end of the trip. Head for the right bank and pull out there or paddle into the Liard River and pull out at the boat launch.
- The staff at the craft shop can help arrange a ride back to your vehicle.

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094O 095B
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- The speed of this river varies depending on water levels and can take anywhere from 6 to 14 hours to complete. There are many great campsites and overnighting is recommended (though not necessary).
- Large chunks of ice may make camping in early spring difficult.
- Keep your eyes open for moose (lots), wolves and bears, and scout out each campsite before setting-up.