Quetico Kawnipi

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Scott Ellis
Trip Date : 
Additional Route Information
150 km
14 days
Loop Trip: 
Portage Information
No. of portages: 
Total Portage Distance: 
0 m
Longest Portage: 
2 m
Difficulty Ratings
River Travel: 
Lake Travel: 
Not applicable
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Route Description
Access to Put-In Information: 

Best to access from the US side for this route

Technical Guide: 

-motor tow to cache bay from Saganaga lake in US
-silver falls to Saganagons
-falls chain to Kawnipi
-McKenzie bay to McKenzie lake
-ferguson creek to Ferguson lake
-hell portage to cache river
-Back to kawnipi
-side trip up Lemay creek to Lemay lake
-Kawnipi to Murdoch
-portage to agnes lake
-portage louisa falls to louisa lake
-to arp
-to star
-to fauquier
-to dumas
-to rod
-to edge
-to turn
-to Mcewen creek
-to McEwen lake
-to wet lake
-back to last part of falls chain
-follow entry route back to cache bay

Maps Required
Other Maps: 
Fisher maps 18,19,25,26<br />
Special Comments: 

This Route was done by suggestion of the great staff at Voyageurs Outfitters located on Gull Lake in the US. We had just finished a two week trip in the Boundary waters and re-supplied to go on this two week loop. The overall trip was amazing. Very few people, good fishing for walleye, lots of short portages. The hell portage was hell, muskeg up to the thy. Lemay lake is out of the way and hard to get to at low water, but definitely worth it. One of the best campsites I have ever been to. We saw more people at Louisa falls then the rest of the trip combined and it is easy to understand why so many people. The falls are wonderful. Very few people travel the route we did from Louisa to McEwen and the portages were sometimes hard to find and had lots of blow downs. The falls chain is soo cool it is worth seeing twice.