Ramsey Lake to Biscotasing

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47 km
3 days
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70 m
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70 m
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Saturday Aug 19, 2000

We started in Sudbury taking the train to the northeast arm of Ramsey Lake, 3km before Ramsey.

The conductors on the Bud car were very friendly and after looking at the topo map knew where to let us off the train. Prices for the train in 2000 where $38.00 per person return and $38.00 per canoe return. Well worth the price because although you can drive to Ramsey and Biscotasing the road is rough and you have to find someone to shuttle a vehicle. The train ride is an adventure in itself. We booked our tickets 7 days in advance to get the best rate, you do it through Via rail. It is the Sudbury to White River train. Also it is cheaper to buy return from Ramsey than to buy tickets to Ramsey and return from Biscotasing.

We loaded our gear on the train at 9:30 in the morning, but due to technical difficulties the train left two hours late. Arrived at the northeast arm of Ramsey Lake at 3:30 p.m. , a lonely stretch of track, nothing in sight. After sorting our gear we pushed off. Two hours later we found an island campsite to stay for the night. The site had nice tent pads and a clean fire pit but there was a lot of garbage left at the site. It looked like it was a fishing or hunting campsite for parts of the year.

Canoed 9.5 km Saturday

Sunday Aug 20, 2000

Left our site at 10:00 the next morning no wind and a beautiful sunny day. Canoed for a couple hours and stopped for lunch at a nice island campsite. Saw a golden eagle that morning and watched it catch a thermal and become a speck in the sky. After lunch we canoed a couple more hours, past Cat Bay till we found yet another island campsite. This site was spotless and very pretty with the fire pit over-looking the water on a rock outcrop.

Canoed 14.5 km Sunday

Monday Aug 21 2000

A day to relax, fish, swim and, read. Caught a good meal of walleye for the six of us off the west side of the island.

Tuesday Aug 22 2000

Packed our gear and on the water at 10:00 am . Canoed south through Ramsey Lake to the dam between Ramsey Lake and Biscotasi Lake. Portaged right around the dam 70m. Canoed through to Boyuk Bay and set up camp on the west shore just before the narrows. A nice big site that sees a lot of use, it had a great western view. Caught a few more walleye for supper. While I was fishing I saw something swimming in the water just east of our camp. Calling to the others they took a look, it was a black bear. It must have smelled us as we where downwind and swam to the other side of the channel to avoid us.

Canoed 11 km

Wed Aug 23, 2000

On the water again at 10:00 . Canoeing north now to get to Biscotasing to catch the train at 4:30 p.m.. Saw a Bald eagle perched on a dead tree. Stopped for a late lunch and to freshen up about a km from Biscotasing on an island. Arrived at Biscotasing at 3:30. Brought our gear up to the station and had an ice cream cone at the general store . Train arrived on time at 4:30. Back in Sudbury at 7:15 p.m.

Canoed 12 km

Bill Poort

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41 O/8 Biscotasing 41 O/1 Indian Lake
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General Feeling on trip:
This trip can be done in three easy days, we took five days and had a relaxing time. The Bud car goes from Sudbury to White River on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. From White River to Sudbury on Wednesday , Friday and Sunday. You have to plan your trip around this time frame.

We only saw one other canoeist, but saw a fair number of motor boats as both lakes have road access. There also are lodges on both lakes. There are lots of campsites spread over the whole area and were easy to find. We saw otters, beavers, bald and golden eagles, turkey vultures and a bear.

The area is semi-remote and the lakes are fairly large, a topographical map is needed for navigation. The route is easy, with only the one 70m portage, with good fishing and lots of campsites. Part of the route is in Mississagi Prov. Park.

A good flat water trip for anyone that doesn`t like to portage much and still paddle an almost cottage free area.