Red Cedar - Jumping Cariboo Lake Loop

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99 km
6 days
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6150 m
Longest Portage: 
818 m
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Begin Trip: Lake Temagami Access Point
South on L. Temagami
S on Portage Bay Portage: 20M
East through Outlet Bay
North then South on Cross Lake
South through Upper Temagami River
Portage Cross lake Dam: 236
Portage Upper Temag River Rapids: 605, 550, 165, 510, 160
NE on Red Cedar Lake
Portage to Hangstone Lake: 805
North to Norris Lake: 350
North to Mann Lake: 330
East to Twinsister L, Jumping Cariboo Lake: (P 850, 50, 30, 900 yds)
N to Ingall Lake: 50 m portage
Waha Lake
Brophy Lake
550m to Greenlaw Lake, 400m to creek, 60m to Wasaksina Lake
115m to Denedus Lake
390 to Oiler Lake
410 to Shiningwood bay, Lake Temagami
End trip: Back to Lake Temagami Access Point

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
41-I/16 Lake Temagami 31 L/12 Marten Lake 31 L/13 Ingall Lake
Other Maps: 
Temagami Canoe Routes Planning Map, published by MNR
Special Comments: 

Many portages on this loop sound simple but are rough and tricky to navigate. Give yourself time.

Hap Wilson lists the Greenlaw / Wasaksina as a combo 95/60yd portage but beaver dams have fallen and much of the creek is unnavigable. A portage trail has been roughed out to compensate for this but is exceedingly tough.

Island Campsite on Hangstone Lake is filled with litter.

Rumble of trucks on Hwy 11 can be heard from campsites on Jumping Cariboo Lake.

Hap Wilson lists this as a 5-6 day loop: I would give yourself at least 6 days, and maybe more if you want time to smell the roses.

Save yourself the cost of the Marten Lake 31 L/12 topo map: once out of the Temagami River, head east through Red Cedar Lake (hug the north shore), go through the narrows, then head North to the very end and the Hangstone Lake portage.