Reservoir Gouin - Flapjack to Oskelaneo

CanadaQuebec05 Upper St Lawrence, N shore
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161 km
8 days
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This is not a canoe-friendly area. There are no maintained campsites or portage trails. Expect to bush-whack a lot. Suitable land for campsites is rare, we spent many kilometres paddling looking for some flat ground on which to pitch 2 tents.
We saw a number of fishermen and outfitters, all of whom told us they'd never seen anyone canoeing in the area.
Low water meant lots of trekking, dragging, pushing & pulling along the first leg of the trip (down the Flapjack). Perhaps it is better in high water.
There are a couple of large lakes.
Paddling upstream along the Oskelaneo is no problem. In fact, with the wind at our backs, at times it felt like travelling downstream.

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See Google map at:

It includes GPS coordinates of our campsites, a record of our circuit, and some (very brief) information

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We took the train, with our canoes and everything. 10-12 hours from Montreal. Via Rail offers a service to pick up/drop off in between stops, you just have to provide them wtih the mile marker (which we calculated by counting miles from the Oskelaneo stop). It was a fun way to do it, but a very long train ride. But once we were dropped off, there was no turning back, and there wasn't any opportunity to search for an ideal drop-in point. In fact, where we got off the train turned out to be impossible to access the water, so we had to port 750m back along the tracks.
The train is also *always* late on this run. Do not expect to be on time. Which meant we only got off the train at dusk, adding a little stress to the first night.


Post date: Sat, 01/04/2020 - 21:14


Good evening from Cumberland Ontario, I am preparing a canoe float plan for end of Jul Aug from Oskelaneo to Going West down Flapjack.  I am looking at the actual Topo maps numbers.  I do have a TrackMap Gouin Ouest maps # 61 but missing the lower portion.  Let me know if you still have the #.

Thanks in advance.