Rock L - Pen L - Galeairy L - Rock L

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Les Dempsey
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22 km
3 days
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Total Portage Distance: 
2235 m
Longest Portage: 
1680 m
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Not applicable
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Not applicable
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This route is meant as an easy introduction to canoe camping. This is great to bring a new person along for a leisurely weekend.

Put in at Access point 9. There is a large parking lot, and a sizable dock.

A small river slowly winds its way north/south. Head south (to your left) into rock lake. Continue along the west (right) side of the lake about 5.5km to the portage.

Portage 375m into Pen Lake. Camp on Pen.

The 2nd day is dominated by the 1680m portage heading East from Pen L to Night L. Its not nearly as hilly as some maps show. We found the portage started at a sandy beach and was mostly level all the way to Night L. There are several canoe-rests in the trees along the portage.

Its a quick paddle across Night L. to a quick 80m Portage into Galeairy L.

Try to find a site near the north end of the lake. Any easterly travel, you'll have to backtrack the next day.

On day 3, head north/west to the 100m portage into Rock Lake. The portage goes around a small dam/drop. Right after the portage, its very tricky to navigate. The water is shallow and the bottom is made of huge, but smooth rocks. There is a lot of paint on those rocks.

Now head west past echo bay into the main body of Rock L. When we went, the entire lake was a sheet of glass, so we paddled a straight ling North/Notrh-west to the small river leading back to the access point.

Maps Required
Other Maps: 
We used Jeffrey McMurtrie's free Algonquin map. ( Its detailed enough but we found the 1680m portage to be about 100m south of where its indicated on his map. It also shows that portage as having a 63m rise and a 75m drop, but he freely admits this probably isn't right.<br />
Special Comments: 

When you first enter Galeairy L, in either the narrow channel heading East, or North, look for a hill of rocks in the middle of the channel that almost breaks the surface. One could stand on these rocks and look as though they were walking on the water. Would make an awesome photo if a 2nd person paddled away a little and looked back.