Rock Lake to Glydegale Lake

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32 km
3 days
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1300 m
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375 m
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Start at Rock Lake
375m portage into Penn Lake
275m portage into Glydegale Lake
All lake travel.

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We got away from the Rock Lake landing around 10:15am. The parking lot was full but we managed to squeeze in two more. You have to be careful where you park because people will block you in.

The landing was very busy with a youth camp scrambling to get their canoes in the water. There are four of us in two canoes. The other canoe is two friends of ours on their first trip We send them away first to avoid getting them mixed in with the youth group. My wife Louise and I almost get nocked into the river by two very eager youth.

Finally away, the trip down Rock Lake is smooth going. You should be aware that motor boats are permitted on Rock Lake, but they are restricted to 10 hp. There are no boats on the way out, but when we get to the first portage, there are 14 canoes coming and going. A slight wait while the large
group heads back to the landing.

After an easy portage we head out onto Penn. Straight ahead from the portage there are two islands with a string of rocks between them. In high water you can sneak through on the left side, but care must be taken not to strike the sides of your canoe. In low water you can get out and pull your canoe through or go around the islands to the left. On the right it is very weedy and not navigable. Once through we paddled down a bit and had a floating lunch. The sun was shining and the water was calm.

The next portage was better than it was when Louise and I were here in May. Not as slippery. We made it across, and started into Glydegale lake. The first campsite you come to has a spectacular view of the lake, but it was taken. The next one on your left has a steep access to the site so we passed. Around the bend to your right, is another site but is small. The next on the right has a difficult access but we voted to stay there because it was 3:00pm and everyone was tired. The site is windy but there is room for both tents. We stayed two nights, and enjoyed the beauty of the Lake.

Our return trip was a windy one. Care must be taken when crossing Rock Lake at Pictou Bay. The wind can sweep you into the rock face, as has happened to myself on one occasion. It took 4 1/2 hrs return.

A good trip for a weekend paddle, requiring novice to moderate skills.

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Chrismar 3 (Algonquin Corridor South)
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The portages are good but the one into Glydegale from Penn can be a bit tricky when wet. It has a small creek at the landing and it is steep up from the lake. Care needs to be taken when coming down from Glydegale.