Running Creek

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Dana J. Cofell
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13 km
1 days
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0 m
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0 m
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Great launch at Macdonald park. Steeper bank at Corrothers Conservation area for the time being. It is in the works to get a proper launch made.

Technical Guide: 

This route starts either in the Town of Wallaceburg or near Port Lambton at Macdonald park. The trip runs through mostly agricultural lands and the town itself and eventually into the Sny river. Average width of the creek is about 50-60 feet and no areas that depth is an issue even in the summer.

Trip Journal/Log/Report/Diary: 

We started at Corrothers Conservation area inside Wallaceburg, On. We shuttled one vehicle down to the take out location at Macdonald park on the Sny river. We started paddling a little after 10:00am. The Creek was a very slow moving creek that day and a good thing as we were paddling up the flow. There were a number of very unique small bridges that haven't been used for some time on this route and some very uniqe shore lines for this area as well. The shore line went from being a more residential docked area to marsh lands and into more agricultural lands with some obvious signs of usage for a long time with some old machinery dotting the shoreline from time to time. Eventually it took us into the Sny river and nice clear blue water that the area is known for. All in all it is a very relaxing non challenging paddle and a good outing for anyone that just wants a quick paddle close to town. We arrived at Macdonald park close to 1:30PM and shuttled the boats back to the put in location. My only comments for this route is that next time I think I'll start it at Macdonald and do the reverse with the flow and that Corruthers C.A. does not have a maintained canoe/kayak launch at this time but apparently it is in the plans for the future.

Special Comments: 

It's a nice quiet paddle with very little other boat traffic. There are a few alternate put in and take outs available by looking at the map.