Sakatawi Route

CanadaOntarioJames Bay south
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120 km
6 days
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8970 m
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2400 m
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Town of Biscotasing by train (The Bud Car)
Or by road by Hwy 144 then E.B. Eddy Forest Road to Ramsey and north to Biscotasing
North through Biscotasi Lake
North through Biscotasing Creek
P 400 m L along logging road
P 700 m along road to small lake
P 2400 m to Dismal Lake
Along creek from north side of lake
P 300 m L along creek
North on Artubus Lake
P 40 m L around shallow rapid
P 130 m L around shallow rapid
West then north through Opeepeesway Lake
P 700 m to Rae Lake
North through Rael Lake then along creek
North through Mallard Lake
North then west through Marion Lake
Northwest along Rush River
P 30 m R around rapid 9or CBR)
P 70 m L around rapid (caution - access very close to top of rapid)
North on Rush River
P 30 m L around rapid
Junction with Woman River
North on Woman River
P 200 m L around rapid
Two swift narrows (CBR)
P 500 m R around rapids
Rapids (carry around on right or CBR - difficult!)
P 400 m L around rapids
North to Horwood Lake
North through Horwood Lake to Groundhog River
Finish at CNR line of Groundhog River or Hwy 101 80 km from Timmins

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
41 O/8 Biscotasing 41 O/9 Opeepeesway 41 O/16 Rush Lake 42 B/1 Folyet
Other Maps: 
41 O/SE Biscotasing 41 O/NE Ridout 42 B/SE Folyet (Provincial Series maps)


Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


We completed this trip the last week of August 2005. It would have been a great route if it was only doable. The portages have not been maintained, with some being impossible to get through. There is however an alternate route that can be done. We had no problem going up the Biscotasing creek. There where two beaver dams to cross with the second one being the bigger and led into a marsh that couldn't be paddled. After some bush wacking we realized that the water course actually continued to our left (south)after the dam. You then paddle to an old logging road the travels north/ south. Follow it north until you run into the EB Eddy road that runs west from hwy #144. You'll come out onto it at km 19. From here the trip ends. The portage into Dismal lake is impossible to find off the EB Eddy road given that the trees and terrian has been pushed back 30 to 40 feet. Given that Dismal lake is a small lake we didn't risk tring to bush wack into it. The bush was so dense that it could easily be missed. We end up hitchhiking back to Marty,s Bear Den outside of Sultan. Marty was the outfitter that shuttled us into Biscotasi Lake and our car up to Lake Harwood. We have used Marty a number of times for shuttles in the same area for different trips. Marty is good for a laugh, and not shy about saying I told you so! He didn't think we would get through the creek and nuts for wanting to do the 2400m portage out of Dismal Lake. The next day we got Marty to stuttle us into Artubus Lake. This is where you should start this route. You take the New Artubus road which is well signed and runs north off the EB Eddy road. You'll actually pass Dismal lake on your right. It will cross a wooden bridge and creek out of Stoney lake which you'll see on your right. Continue another 1/2 kilometer until you come to a travel on your left leading into Artubus.
The 700m portage from Opeepeesway lake to Rae lake is inpenetratable. We spent an entire day tring to get through a hugh blow down of trees, and had to finally quit and return to our previous night campsite. It became obvious that these trails had not been maintained for many years. We even found Rae lake but could not get our canoes through the dense brush and logs. The alternative route was for us to take the Opeepeesway river to the Woman river to Horwood Lake. Caution, the last portage around the falls is brutal and much longer than the 400 meters in the description. Its a freshly cut trail that goes straight up the hill on the left side of the rapids where there is a creek coming into the river. The trail then turns west at the top of the hill away from the river. It then connects with a trail running north/south. You follow this trail north down to the lake. This is a great canoe route. Its just a shame that the ministry doesn't maintain it.