Saugeen River Route

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102 km
4 days
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180 m
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100 m
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Not applicable
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Start at Hwy 10 at Hanover
West on Saugeen River
P 100 m L around Maple Hill Dam
Continue west, then southwest on Saugeen River
Sharp turn - head north on River
P 30 m L around old Hydro dam
P 50 m around Walkerton Dam and fishway
Continue northwest on Saugeen
Finish at town of Southampton (Lake Huron)

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41 A/6 Chesley 41 A/3 Walkerton 41 A/11 Wiarton
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Thanks to Rick Yazwinski for the following comments:

"Six of us did the trip over July 1st , 1997 long weekend (4 days). The trip could be done in 3 days with very little push. We were doing 30 km/day without too much effort.

It is a nice relaxing trip, plenty of places to camp and more importantly (for us) lots of places to stop for water (we did not want to chance drinking the water out of the Saugeen - cow excrement and all :( and did not really want to carry enough for 4 days). Lots of interesting scenery, but very little wildlife.

The water on the trip was good, quick moving in places, slow in others. Many swifts and C1s not marked on the topo maps though (some quite shallow and had to be lined) and a couple of the C1 could really have been C2s

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