Seal River

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315 km
21 days
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0 m
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Access by air from Thompson
Start at Tadoule Lake
Northeast through Tadoule Lake
Class I swift at exit from lake
Northeast through Negassa Lake
Class II rapid at exit from lake
Class III rapid immediately following
East through Shethanei Lake
Northeast on Seal River
Section of swifts (Class I) just after exit from lake
Long section of class II - rocky
Past Barren Island
Several swifts
Class II rapid - 500 m long
Section of strong current
Class II rapid at start of islands
Class III 750 m long at end of islands - caution!
Class II rapid
Class III rapid - ledges
Class II rapid
2 km section of class I and class II whitewater
Class II rapid 1 km long
Swifts adjacent to islands
1.5 km section of class II whitewater
Class II rapid - 500 m long (boudery)
South on Seal River along south side of Great Island
Class II rapid
3 km section of Class I and class II in scenic canyon
Class 1 rapid (along shore) just past Bastion Rock
Class III rapid
Class II rapid
Class I section left of island
2 km section of class III - class IV - large ledge at end
Class I / Class II rapid
Strong current at group of islands
3 km section of class I rapids
Class III / IV rapid
4 km section - begins class I, ends class III - caution!
Swing north on Seal River
2 km section of continuous class II whitewater
North, then swing east on Seal River
Class 1 on right side of island
Class III rapid - heavy waves
Section of Class I / Class II
Class II / III rapid
Tambanay Rapids - 3.5 km of class II / III - bouldery!
Class III - class IV rapid - caution!
Class I section - bouldery and shallow
Northeast on Seal River
Series of class I rapids
Class II rapid
Class II / III rapid - rocky, ledges
Class III rapid
East on Seal River
Deaf Rapids - class IV
Finish at Hudson Bay
Barge down to Churchill - don`t paddle Hudson Bay!

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
64 J/9 Tadoule Lake 64 J/16 Frame Lake 64 I/13 Dawes Lake 64 I/14 Steel River 64 I/15 Wither Lake 64 I/16 Meades Lake 54 L/13 Eppler Lake 54 M/4 Warner Lake 54 L/14 Tambanay Rapids 54 M/3 Sothe Lake 54 M/2 Point of the Woods
Topo Maps (1:250,000): 
64 G Big Sand Lake 64 J Tadoule Lake 64 I Shethanei Lake 54 L Churchill 54 M Caribou River Other Maps Berard`s Canoe Route Map "Land of the Little Sticks"
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Not for the faint-hearted or the amateur. Very remote, extremely challenging, continuous whitewater, and even the possibility of polar bear encounter at the river exit into Hudson Bay.

The trip journal and annotated maps in "Wilderness Rivers of Manitoba" are excellent sources of information