Shumka to Missanabie Route 1

CanadaOntarioJames Bay south
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87 km
6 days
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8435 m
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1600 m
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Hwy 101 then Hwy 651 to Missanabie, then train 25 km to Shumka
P 1600 m from train drop to Bolkow Lake
East on Bolkow Lake
P 500 m L beside Agusada River to small lake
East through small lake into stream
Liftover 20 m on right
P 160 m L along stream into small pond
East through small pond
P 70 m L beside stream into Ribes Lake
East through Ribes Lake
P 400 m to small lake
P 70 m R beside creek to Acolyte Lake
East through Acolyte Lake
P 250 m to small pond (portage crosses height of land)
P 400 m L beside creek to Abbey Lake
Northeast through Abbey Lake
P 225 m from stream to small pond
P 1000 m to Elbow Lake
Northeast through Elbow Lake
P 220 m to Trump Lake
North through Trump Lake
P 1025 m to Little Missinaibi River
North on Little Missinaibi River
P 236 m around rapid (Class III)
P 60 m (or CBR)
P 400 m L around rapids
P 165 m around rapid (Class III)
P 1000 m around rapids and Whitefish Falls
North into Missinaibi Lake
West through Missinaibi Lake to Fairy Point
North through Missinaibi Lake to Crooked Lake entrance
P 345 m to Crooked Lake
West through Crooked Lake
P 290 m to Dog Lake (portage crosses height of land)
West through Dog Lake to finish at Missanabie Village

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42 B/4 Bolkow Lake 42 B/5 Missinaibi Lake 42 C/1 42 C/8
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The only difference between this route and Route no. 2 is the portion through Elbow and Trump Lakes. This diversion bypasses a whitewater-intensive section of the Little Missinaibi River.