Smoke - Big Porcupine - Harness - Tanamakoon - Smoke

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Morgan Buschlen
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60 km
4 days
Loop Trip: 
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Total Portage Distance: 
5735 m
Longest Portage: 
1035 m
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Day 1
Start at Access Point 6, on Smoke Lake.
240m portage from Smoke Lake to Ragged Lake
540m portage from Ragged Lake to Big Porcupine Lake
We paddled around the 395m portage in Big Porcupine Lake.
(easy day, at the 240 stay to the right the left trail is harder – as per other routes posted)

Day 2
200m portage from Big Porcupine Lake to Bonnechere Lake
175m portage from Bonnechere Lake to Phipps Lake
60m portage from Phipps Lake to Kirkwood Lake
715m portage from Kirkwood Lake to Pardee Lake
145m portage from Pardee Lake to Harness Lake
(The 715m was hard and muddy in the begging of July)

Day 3
1035m portage from Harness Lake to Head Lake
250m portage from Head Lake to Head Creek
150m and 125m on Head Creek
Head Creek to Madawaska River
190m and 360m on Madawaska River
Madawaska River to Cache Lake
Cache Lake to Tanamakoon Lake
(Full day of travel, exhausting)

Head Creek is down current
Madawaska River is up current (slowed us from an average of 5km/h to 2.5-3 km/h)

Day 4
120m portage from Tanamakoon Lake to Sheriff Pond
320m portage from Sheriff Pond to Little Island Lake
225m portage from Little Island Lake to Kootchie Lake
835m portage from Kootchie Lake to Smoke Lake
End at Access Point 6, on Smoke Lake
(Half day of travel)

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Algonquin Canoe Routes Map
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This was our first Canoe trip but I have lots of backbacking/Camping/Canoing experence.

We did all Portages twice due to a heavy canoe (not meant for portaging)