Smoke Lake to Parkside Bay

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28 km
3 days
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480 m
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240 m
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Not applicable
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Smoke Lake to Ragged Lake to Parkside Bay.
There is one short portage from Smoke to Ragged Lake.
It`s an easy portage and there is an old log chute there left over from the logging days in the park

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We took this trip in the fall and we left Smoke lake landing in the wind and rain. The paddle was difficult but we stuck to the West side of the lake. There were other canoeists
heading down the lake.

The rain would let up once and a while but the sun refused to shine.

The portage into Ragged Lake is steep but it`s wide and the access is sandy.

On the other side we stopped for a snack and took some pictures of the chute. As you go down Ragged Lake keep to the right. There is an island, just keep to the right and go around the point. This is where we encountered the tree stumps. If you are careful you can get through them. We hit one, but if you want to play it safe, go wide towards the weedy area. There the water is deeper.

There are a lot of good campsites in the Bay. At the very
end there are two excellent ones. They were occupied when we got there. We stayed on the first site on the right
after you enter the Bay. This is a good weekend trip, that requires only novice experience. Care needs to be taken on Smoke if it is windy.

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Alqonquin Provincial Park map published by the Friends of Algonquin Park
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This is a good weekend trip. It only takes about 4 hours to get to the bay, depending on wind. Smoke Lake can be a tough paddle if you have to paddle into the wind.

You have to be careful going around Birch Point. There are sunken tree stumps quite a way from shore. When we went the water level was low. It may not be as bad in higher water.