Snare River

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350 km
16 days
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0 m
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0 m
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Access by float plane from Yellowknife
Start at Winter Lake
Southwest through Winter Lake
P left around rapid at outlet of Winter Lake
P right around second rapid at outlet of Winter Lake
Southwest through Roundrock Lake (22 km long)
Southwest through Snare Lake
Past community of Snare Lake
South on Snare River
29 km of canyons, falls and rapids (some unmarked)
South through Indin Lake
Several rapids and falls (lining / portaging required)
South through Kwejinne Lake (32 km long)
South through Big Spruce Lake
Snare Rapids Dam - portage left
13 km section of river
Snare Falls Hydro Dam - portage left
4 km section of river
Rapids - CBR
Rapids - portage centre island
1 km section of river
P 200 m R around Snare Cascades
2.5 km section of river
Rapids - portage left
South through Judd Lake (Lake 579)
P left around Strutt Lake Dam
24 km section of river
P left around rapid
Southeast through Slemon Lake
64 km flatwater paddle through Russel and marian Lakes
Finish at Fort Rae - road access to Yellowknife

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Winter Lake 86 A Indin Lake 86 B Wecho Lake 85 O Marian River 85 N Yellowknife 85 J Rae 85 K


Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


1. Portage at Winter lake is not at left but at right
2. An alternative to paddle the falls and chutes down the 29 km canyonlike part of the river, is to portage overland via several small lakes in the end of Snare lake- not at the outlet of the lake.Beaware;this is a relative ardous piece of work and the portage is by no means a paved road. The first two portages is broad and simpel. Thereafter for the next 8 portages you will be on your own.