Southwest Miramichi River

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Brad Mundle
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50 km
2 days
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The Miramichi is not one river, but a broad basin of countless streams. Of all its myriad branches, the Main Southwest is the largest and longest.

The canoeist with connections and time to spare can begin at the very top, entering J. D. Irving's private domain above the Alder Grounds via the Birch Ridge Road below Plaster Rock. There is also a gate north of Juniper, just below the Alder Grounds, where Irving's Road, the CP rail line, and the North Branch converge (another fine access point.)

Ordinary folk, however, begin their trip at Half Moon along highway 107 15 km South of Juniper near Deersdale, where the stream is wide and, rains permitting, deep. The rail line crosses the river within sight of the put-in.

Best take-out spot after an easy 2.5 day ride is Bloomfield Ridge.

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Excellent 1:50,000 map of the river available from Service New Brunswick.
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The river can be fast with spring run-off, and has very little dead water paddleing even in lower water levels.

The scenery is beautiful along the route and established campsites plentiful. Bring hardwood in the bottom of your canoes for campfires, as the sites have been picked dry of windfalls.

You'll not find a more perfect canoe route for the average weekend enthusiast.


Post date: Fri, 06/27/2008 - 14:54


i am a 26 year old irish paddler currently working/travelling in canada. i wolud like to canoe the southwest miramichi branch around the first week in august. where are the best options to rent a canoe? any recommendations for books/websites/maps? anyone know of a group i could join up with?