Stormy Lake to Pine Ridge Road

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75 km
5 days
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5700 m
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1200 m
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Start at the Stormer Lake public access at Km 72 on
Nungessor Road, 1km past the Stormer Lake Fellowship Center sign.
Start out of east end of Stormer lake paddle upstream on Kirkness Creek.
Paddle into small marshy lake
Push through rushes to next small lake, just east
Paddle up creek in south/west corner of lake
Pullover several beaver dams
Portage left 250m
Paddle up creek to rapids
Portage on right 150m
Paddle north to south on Lake
700m portage to Glens Lake, good campsite at end of portage
Paddle Lake to south east corner
Paddle up small creek
Portage 100m left at base of rapids
Liftover into Three Arm Lake
Camp spot on point at center of lake, ** star
Portage 300m into north/west bay of Island Lake
Portage 650m into south/west corner of next lake, *** star camp on island across from portage
Portage 400m from south/east bay to
Paddle east and lift over into small puddle
Paddle into south/east corner of puddle
Portage 1100m into next lake
--Note: there is an intersection about 300m down the trail make sure you take left trail and not straight-ahead.
Portage 75m to Pedlar lake, *** star campsite just past 2nd point on north/east side of lake
Paddle to south/west corner of Pedlar Lake
Portage 350m to Pedlar creek
Paddle down creek to Swamp Lake
Portage 150m right, only campsite on lake is at beginning of portage, OK site
Paddle down Pedlar creek to Nungesser river
Paddle river to rapids and road
Portage on right 25m
*Takeout at road, or continue down Nungessor river
Portage 350m on left once past Nungessor Road (class 4
Portage 150m right
Portage 200m left
Rapids possible portage 15m right
Beautiful rocky points to camp on east shore of Little Vermillion Lake
South on Little Vermillion to Chukuni River
**** campsite on point just past narrows into southeast bay
Portage left 50m
Portage right 350m
Portage right 250m to Pine Ridge road
*Take out at Pine Ridge road or continue down to
Chukuni River to Red Lake
if you continue down the river there is one more portage before Red Lake.

It would be possible then to either take out at the town
of Red Lake or continue down
the Chukuni River

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52 N/12 52 N/5 52 N/4
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This route is seldom traveled and seems very remote even though it is always within 5km of a road. From Stormer Lake to Nungesser Road the route has many beautiful small lakes connected by portages and small creeks. This end of the route is quite beautiful and remote. The portages are narrow and unmarked except for blazes. Several of the creeks are very crooked and full of wild life. This portion of the route is not for adrenaline jocks or those who do not have solid experience with wilderness travel and route finding. Most of the portages would be difficult to find for an inexperienced canoeist.
The portion of the route from Nungesser Road to Pine Ridge
Road is mainly river travel with one large lake (Little Vermillion). There are 5 rapids on the Nungessor river and all but the first can be run by paddlers with moderate whitewater skills. The
rapids on the Chukuni river are much larger and much pushier, class 2 - 4 depending on water levels, but can be run by a skilled paddler with proper training. This end of the route is not as remote and has several tourist camps on it.

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