Summers Lake Loop

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Brad Jennings
Trip Date : 
July 2016
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22 km
2 days
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3130 m
Longest Portage: 
1200 m
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Not applicable
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From Hwy 108, north of Elliot Lake

You can drive 11.7km down Dunlop Shores Rd to the boat launch and either paddle Dunlop or portage into Gusty.

Alternatively, you can drive 4.2km down Dunlop Shores Rd to the Marsh Lake launch. There is some curbside parking, but a better option is to park a few meters north to the side of a bush road. Don’t block the entrance. We pulled into a flat semi shrubbed over opening.  

Technical Guide: 

This Route can be combined with the longer Dunlop, Ten Mile, Flack, Mace routes, which we did  in a relaxing 3.5 days.

As of 2016, the route was well signed with aging metal markers. Trails were cleared and are in good condition. The only major obstacles may be potentially low water on the Swamp between Dunlop and Marsh and winds on Dunlop.

P220m: Marsh Lake to Summers Creek 

P30m: Summers Creek to Summers Lake
Summers Lake has plenty of prime campsites to choose from. The east end of the lake contains the nicest sites.

P100m: Summers Lake to Small pond

P250m: Small Pond to Zeke Lake
Trail crosses over some open rocky ridges so keep an eye out for cairns and worn down moss. It descends into a Jackpine & sphagnum bog which may be wet and mucky.

P200m: Zeke Lake to Gusty Lake
This trail is in good condition, likely used by snowmobiles. The sign on Zeke Lake has fallen down. Gusty Lake has an excellent campsite on the first point.

P30m: Gusty Lake to Small Pond

P1000m: Small Pond to Dunlop Lake *Not marked on the Chrismar Map
The original 600m portage has been lengthened due to the Dunlop cottage development. You will leave the old trail behind at a scrubby, open, rocky clearing where the road meets up. Turn east and follow the road for aprx 400m until you reach a large cliff. There is parking here and a boat ramp to Dunlop Lake.
Dunlop Lake can get quite windy. It is advised to travel west to east due to prevailing westerlies.

P100m: Dunlop Lake to Swamp *Not marked on the Chrismar Map
Low water year combined with a beaver dam blowout rendered this swamp not fit for paddling. The muck was far too thick so we opted to portage the shoreline and across the open sphagnum mats until we reached deeper waters of the creek and paddled/lined to the road. This adds an additional 800m of portaging. 

P1200m: Swamp to Marsh Lake *Not marked on the Chrismar Map
This portage follows the Dunlop Shores Rd
There is a good campsite on Marsh Lake


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