Talon Lake Circle

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Richard Willetts
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17 km
1 days
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1125 m
Longest Portage: 
325 m
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Leave from Camp Connewango at the end of Songis road off HWY 63. Leave the camp, paddle accross Rice bay to the Mattawa River north entrance of Talon Lake. The river is calm, there are no nearby roads or cottages, so it is very peacefull. The river is fairly deep, average 5 - 10 feet. There is some debris and logs in the river. Roughly 2.25 KM you will reach Tilliard Lake, after a short jaunt across the lake you reach the first portage. This portage is about 200m along a fairly well blazed and level trail, running parallel with a creek. Then you will reach Bigfish Lake, roughly the same lenght as Tilllard, the portage at the end of this lake is a little more difficult, climbing a steep slope from the lake, it is ridden with many rocks and turns. The next lake is Moosegrass Lake, this lake is very shalow and weedy. You will be stepping in alot of deep mud when you place your canoe in this lake. At the other end of Moosegrass, you will reach a small rocky creek coming from the next lake which is Werewolf lake. This is the most difficult portage, since you pretty much have to drag your canoe up the small creek, prepare to get your feet wet. Then you reach Werewolf Lake, this is a fairly deep and rocky lake, at the other end is the Turtle Lake Dam. This portage is easy, along a well blazed trail up beside the dam. Once on Turtle Lake, you will go Left from the dam the the very end of the lake, there is a marsh that you will go through, depending on the water level, you may have to get out and drag your canoe through some very shallow marsh. You will reach one of the official Voyageur route portages (Portage de la Mauvaise Musique) on to Pine Lake. Across Pine lake, you will reach another Voyageur portage (Portage Pin de Musique). Be carefull, as you cross Pine Lake Road, there is fair vehicle traffic on this road. The you will reach Talon Lake, there is a nice beach at the end of this portage, a good place for a nice refreshing swim. Once on Talon Lake, head straight up across Rice Bay, back to Camp Connewango. I completed this trip in roughly 8 hours, it is very nice and peaceful.