Teslin River - Johnsons Crossing to Carmacks

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370 km
7 days
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Shuttle to Johnsons crossing and start under the Alaska hiway bridge . Paddle down the Teslin River slow current the first 35 kms. Fast current from there till the end of the trip. Several old cabins and and good camping spots all along the Teslin.There is an old barge and mining equipment at O`Briens Bar. A good place to stop for lunch and explore. Teslin joins the Yukon River at Hootalinqua, where there is a maintained campsite with picnic tables, toilets and a roof over a table. There is also a hiking trail behind the old buildings to well up in the mountain for a good view of the Teslin and Yukon River valleys at the confleuence. Just downstream of Hootalinqua is Evelyn Island with an old Paddle wheeler. A must-stop. The river flows on past numerous old cabins a gold dredge, 2 old native villages before comming to Carmacks.The trip could be concluded here or you could stop at the restaurant for a meal, pick up a few groceries and carry on . There is a maintained campground here but we had been warned to keep an eye on our gear here as it has a habit of disappearing.Joe Beynen


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Brought back great memories of our trip in 2014. Wonderful isolation, landscape and history. Recommend Len Webster's river guide - sold online at bcyukonadventures.com