Tim River - Longbow Lake

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14 km
3 days
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120 m
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120 m
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The biggest problem would be the steep steps on the portage at the dam off of Tim Lake.

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AP#2 to Rosebary Lake/Longbow

APP AP#2 Put-in at partially sunken dock on Tim River.
Paddle East to Tim Lake
North or South around centre Island to Tim River, Middle Bay
Paddle mostly East on the Tim.(This is its widest point on this route)
Lots of sunken deadheads in large bay before portage.
P120M - starts easy uphill, Steep stairs downhill to Tim River
Paddle East on Tim river
One pushover at an abandoned Beaver dam before little Butt lake.
Two Liftovers of Active Beaver Dams just after Little Butt lake.
Paddle East through a grassy/swampy section to Rosebary
South and East through shallows to Longbow and a cluster of three sites along the

southern shore.
Return along same route.

Trip Journal/Log/Report/Diary: 

River travel: Novice to Tim Lake.
A slow wide meandering trip into Tim Lake, A few deadheads easily missed.

Intermediate from the Portage to Rosebary Lake

The Tim river from the portage is shallow, narrow and meanders between bushes

and thick grasses. There is one abandoned beaver dam about a half hour from the

portage, this is high enough to reguire a couple of good pushes but should not

require an exit and Lift over. The next hour and a half is a nice gentle, and mostly

straight, passage to and just beyond Little Butt Lake. Just after Little Butt lake

there are two Lift Overs for active Beaver Dams (watch for leaches), then the Tim

becomes quite narrow again. The Tim has several annoyingly placed deadheads,

most of which are quite surprising being covered with floating grass, there is also

many grassy areas which require more poling than paddling. This is an old

meandering river more prone to North/South travel than the depicted East/West on

the map, expect to spend lots of time traveling short distances.

Lake travel: Novice

Tim Lake: A large Island to navigate around, and mostly East/West travel Leads to

the middle Eastern outlet. Although no passage is obvious there is a chanel along

the Northern side of this Arrowhead and Lily filled outlet. Between this outlet and

the portage are deadhead filled turns and a wide unamed pond. There is survey

tape tied at spots in the pond.

Rosebary Lake: A nice beach along the north shore and a smaller beach along the

southern shore make this a nice family destination. Fairly consistent Moose

appearances in the shallow southern bay leading to Longbow.

Longbow Lake: A very long narrow East/West lake, a nice easy paddle in low winds

leading to an apparently abandoned Beaver pond at the East end. The broken dam

and amount of water already drained from this pond led to our cutting short our

planned trip through Bog pond to Sittingman Lake.

Portages: Easy
One portage from Tim River to Tim River around dam. Steep steps down to Tim


Remoteness: Novice
It was a 5 hour trip to Rosebury Lake on the way in, but only 5.5 hour out including

a lunch break at the portage from Longbow Lake. During the entire long weekend

we only encountered two groups of paddlers (until we left on the monday when we

came across 4 groups coming into the lake system).

Special Comments: 

August long weekend 2003
Check with park regarding Water Levels!