Trout Lake and Trout Lake River

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125 km
7 days
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1800 m
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350 m
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Route starts 45 km north of Red Lake
Turn off Nungessor road onto Coli lake road. From travel several Km to the tip of Sidace lake and bushwhack 300m South to Sidace Creek. Creek should only be paddled in High H2O. Sidace Creek is small and windy with lots of wildlife.

Paddle several km then you will have to pull down 6 small rocky rapids. Paddle out of creek into Northwest corner of Trout Lake.
Paddle southeast across Trout Lake.
Lake is huge and can have massive waves as well as deep cold water. Gorgeous Lake with cold clear water.
Paddle down river in south east corner to Otter Lake.
Through small unnamed lake into Little Trout Lake.
Take Trout river out of east end of Little Trout Lake.
Paddle 6 km down river.
Portage right 30m or run class 1 rapid.
Portage left 350m around class 5 falls.
Beautiful spot.
Portage right 100m around class 4 drop.
Portage left 100m around class 3 rapids.
Eagles nest just down river on right.
Portage right 40m after 10 km. class 2
Portage right 100m
Portage right 200m
Portage left 350m around Big Falls
Portage left 200m class 3.
Take out at bridge on highway 105.

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52 N/5 52 N/6 52 N/3 52 K/14
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This is a beautiful and seldom traveled route with huge lakes and a large river system. Portages are overgrown and would be difficult to find for the untrained eye. This is not a route for novice paddlers as many portages start right above big drops and Trout Lake is known for huge waves. The water quality has to be seen to be believed. Big Falls is spectacular as well as many other scenic falls and chutes on the river. Fishing is incredible. Campsites are hard to find once on the river because of a blight on the trees causing a jungle like feel. Wildlife at every turn. If possible take out at Big falls instead of paddling down to Highway 105. From the falls down the river is quite boring and ugly. A road accesses within 350 metres of the falls.
I would have to describe this route as by far the most scenic and spectacular of any I have paddled in Northwestern Ontario. It is comparable at times to some of the rivers that drop into the northwest shore of Lake superior. A truly fantastic trip for experienced paddlers