Wababimiga - Drowning Route No. 1

CanadaOntarioHudson Bay, James Bay north
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140 km
12 days
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8784 m
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2000 m
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Hwy 11 west to between Longlac and Geraldton.
North on Hwy 584 to Hwy 643. East on Hwy 643 to Nakina.
Access road to Cordingley Lake
Northeast through Cordingly Lake
P 294 m R along stream
P 300 m L along stream int Cammack Lake
Northeast through Cammack Lake into Medugama Bay
P 2000 m from Janie Lake to Nancy Lake (very poor trail!)
P 800 m from Nancy Lake to Wababimiga Lake
Northeast through Wababimiga Lake
P 1200 m along small lake chain into Wababimiga River
Northeast on Wababimiga River (swift water)
P 206 m R around falls and rapid (11 m drop)
P 165 m L around rapid
South on Drowning River
P 283 m R
P 257 m R around log jam and falls (8 m drop)
P 208 m R around rapids
P 377 m R around log jam and falls
P 18 m R around Bald Rock Rapids
P 344 m R around Tin Can Rapids
P 229 m L around rapids
P 485 m L around Jackpine Rapids (wet and muddy!)
P 344 m R around rapids just north of Relief Lake
South through Relief Lake
P 47 m L around log jam
P 329 m R around Rapids
P 104 m L around rapids
P 366 m L around falls
P 214 m R around rapids and beaver dams
Southwest through Lower Twin Lake to finish
(Hwy 643 bridge over Lower Twin Lake near Nakina)

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42 L/SE Nakina (Provincial Series map)