Wabakimi - Allanwater Bridge to Tew Lake

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Steve Pelton
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August 2018
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62 km
5 days
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4000 m
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800 m
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Booked train tickets in advance at www.viarail.ca Loaded canoes and gear onto train at Armstrong Station.  Train dropped us off at Allanwater Bridge. Paid Jonny Jelinski to camp at his Allanwater Bridge Lodge.  Nice dock landing to push off towards the North routes.

Technical Guide: 

Monday August 13, 2018 (Maps 1b & 1c)
Breakfast and coffee.  Break camp, load canoes and head Northwest through Moose Bay (5 KM), turn right (Northeast) through a creek, a pond, a creek and a small unnamed lake.  Portage (100m) on left of the creek into Foam Lake (1.5 KM).  Cross Foam Lake to the Northwest to Foam Creek (1.7 KM).  Run or line canoes through rapids.  Continue first to the Northeast, then to the Northwest to find the portage (>100m) on left to continue West then Northwest on Foam Creek.  Hug the left/West shoreline to find the second portage (300m) to Barrington Lake (3.4 KM).  Follow North end of Barrington Lake to the West.  Run Swift and setup camp below rapids (0.9 KM).

Tuesday August 14, 2018 (Maps 1c & 2)
Load canoes and head West to find portage (160m) on the right/North of creek to Heafur Lake. Head North and run Swift.  Cross open water to the North across Heafur Lake on left side of island – if too windy, hug East shore on right behind the islands.  On the Northern tip of Heafur Lake, find portage (22m) well to the left of the creek.  Follow the water through the narrows Northeast, then to the Northwest, through a swift to find portage (37m) located right of the 2 sets of rapids.  Follow water East, than North to scout the rapids to the North or take the long portage (800m) on right/East into Flindt River (5.6 KM).  Paddle following river to the East.  Hug right shore to find the easy to miss the river heading South to portage (170m) (5.1 KM).  Follow River East, stay on the open side of the islands to find the portage (146m) into Flet Lake (1.6 KM).  Head East and follow the North shore to the Swift.  Run Swift and setup camp below rapids (3.5 KM).

Wednesday August 15, 2018 (Maps 3 & 4)
Load canoes and enter the North side of Flet Lake.  Long paddle West, then North, hugging left/West shore of Flindt Lake.  Run first Swifts (3.4 KM).  Head Northeast to cut across North end of Flindt Lake.  Run Swift, then find the portage on the left/South side (140m) on left into the Flindt River (5 KM), which bends from Northwest to Northeast.  Portage (60m) on right before rapids.  Head Southeast to find the portage (285m) on left/East side. Short paddle to the Northeast to portage (100m) on the right/East side.  Short paddle East to portage (105m) on the left.  Go North on Flindt River until taking fork to the East to find a campsite on South shore (9.3 KM).

Thursday August 16, 2018 (Map 4)
Load canoes and long paddle following river to Northeast, run Swift. Find portage (100m) on the left/North (5.8 KM), quickly followed by another portage on the right/East (200m).Run Swift.   Long paddle Northeast until portage (275m) on right (4 KM).  Run swift and paddle to find portage (250m) on left. Short paddle through swift to find portage (60m) on right.  Paddle North to find portage (90m) on left/west (3.5 KM).  Short paddle before long portage (335m) on right/South well ahead of the rapids.  Short paddle Northeast to find portage (250m) on right/south side.  Short paddle to portage (25m) on left into Tew Lake.  Camp on the right/Southeast shore or sand bar. (2.1 KM). 

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