Waswanipi/Broadback/Rupert/Nemiscau River(s)

CanadaQuebec08 Lower James Bay
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300 km
25 days
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12900 m
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5000 m
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There are three roads total, that lead to this route. It's on the James Bay Highway, one at around km30's, another at km60 and 100-something. I will get the exact kilometers. If I can't edit this info, email me once again.

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4 small rapids until Old Waswanipi Poste. Continue on Was. River to large Gull Lake, then to Maikasagi Lake, Tshensagi Lake. Small rivers that lead to Poncheville Lake. Later Opatawagan lake, Long Lake then finally, Broadback River. Few days on Broadback to Evans Lake. There is a really old portage at 50'56'50.30N-76'50'00W that we could not use because we did not find the portage trail. but it atleast a little over 1 km portage. We went all the way around to get back to Broadback. Drink as much clean water as you can after entering broadback:) Rapids at 51'03'05.17N-76'47'17.41W. We went down on it on the East side(Right side, downstream direction.) but not completely . There is rapids that can not be gone down on. So walk it downstream until the end. After there's Burnt Hip Falls, and you will find the portage on the west side. Not too long, it took us a little over and hour, of 18 people. Check on Google Earth for pictures. Really nice! Later, few kms of paddling then it's Sand Lake. After there will be rapids starting at 51'11'55.30N-76'50'00.18W. Stay on the left(west side.) I recommend walk along with canoe on the water. Because the rapids are beautiful. I will post a photo soon on Google Earth. You will enjoy a fun swim right beside the rapids:) Moving forward, stay on the left all the way to the end of the rapids, use common sense if you want to hop on and go down river. If experienced. The longest portage on this route starts at 51'14'06.65 N-76'57'10.23W. Bottle as much water as need. the portage could take 2 days. Depending how much you have with you. but there will be no fresh, clean water on this portage. Not until the other end where the water is drinkable but not the best. I ran out of water on a hot day of portage and it sucked. I had to drink water that was turbid and very yellow, but I did what I had to do. 2nd day(half way on the portage) was raining so I collected rain water to drink for the rest of the portage. The portage trail has it's good and bad areas. But if I could do it, you can do it:) I recommend you portage halfway on the first day and finish the next day. After a hard work of portaging. Paddle north on Wettigo Lake. The portage is at: 51'18'02.38N-76'56'25.60W. It will seem like its nothing, compared to the long one. Then comes Nemiscau Lake and there is Old Nemaska Post just across, after you finish the portage. Nemaska Lake is Large, be careful of winds, just like Evans Lake. The water is good after old nemaska. Later it's the Rupert River, then Nemiscau River then the 2nd longest and last portage, 2.5kms. This one has a nice trail If it was/or raining, it will probably be muddy and moss with be filled with water. That will be almost the end of the trip after the end of the portage. it'll only be 10-15mins to Route Du North. Then 2 hours to Nemaska if it's nice out.

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First off, I don't know if my ratings apply correctly. LOL. But this was my second canoe trip I ever went. Although i'm young, it seemed easy than the first trip I participated in(Lake Mistissini to Waskaganish.)
I recommend everyone to take a week supply of water because of the none potable water for the first 100km's. And do not stay in cabins you see because they are mostly Government licensed cabin's. Respect people's belongings. Also, I strongly recommend you tell Waswanipi and Nemaska people who have Trapline's for hunting along this route. They will respect you and make sure people won't shoot a gun on the direction you will be. Travel safe, travel with respect. Have fun!
P.s Email me at: thundereagle_99@hotmail.com if you want the route from Google Earth. and I will gladly share and reply to you.
Thanks, Curtis