Yellowknife River from Greenstocking Lake

CanadaNorthwest TerritoriesGreat Slave
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260 km
14 days
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0 m
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0 m
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Access by float plane from Yellowknife
South through Greenstocking Lake
Many rapids - portage or line
South through Hunter Lake
P left around rapid at outlet
Bouldery section of river
South through Dissension Lake
Several bouldery rapids
South through Reindeer Lake (15 km long)
Two marked rapids
Unmarked cascade (10 m drop)
South through Upper Carp Lake
Rapids in narrows in Upper Carp Lake
South through Lower Carp Lake
Many falls and rapids - scenic but hazardous
Icy portage
Three other marked rapids - portage
Sandy portage - two ledges
South through Fishing Lake
Several rapids / portages
South through Rocky Lake
Waterfalls at Clan Lake
South through Clan Lake
Several Rapids
South through Sito Lake
Several Rapids - four portages
South through Quyta lake
Unmarked rapid - portage left
South through Bluefish Lake
Portage around hydro dam
South through Prosperous Lake (16 km long)
Tartan Rapids at outlet from lake
South into Great Slave Lake
Finish at town of Yellowknife

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
86 A/3 Hunter Lake 85 P/13 Wecho Lake 85 P/12 Frodsham Lake 85 P/5 Nardin Lake 85 O/8 Mossy Lake 85 O/1 Barker Lake 85 J/16 Quyta Lake 85 J/9 Prosperous Lake
Topo Maps (1:250,000): 
86 A Winter Lake 85 P Carp Lakes 85 O Wecho River 85 J Yellowknife