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Recipe Name Serves Cooking Time Vegetarian Recipe Preparation Difficulty Dehydrated Meal
Banana Chocolate Chip Bread 6 20min Yes simple No
Birdseed Bars 4 15min No No
CamTastic 9 1min Yes simple Yes
Fruit and Nut Nosh 4 5min No No
GORP Bars 4 15min No No
Kellogs GORP 3 2min No simple No
Mike's Frontenac Snack GORP 4 2min No simple No
Monster coookies 4 12min No No
Not-so-basic GORP 4 2min No No
pumpkin butter fruit leather 1 15min No simple Yes
Sunflower Bars 4 25min No No
Super Power Bars 2 15min No No
Tasty Glop Spread 2 15min No No
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