Blue Lake Loop

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97 km
7 days
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2846 m
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495 m
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Blue Lake Provincial Park on Hwy 647
West through Blue Lake
P 250 m to Langton Lake
West then north through Langton lake
P 27 m to Alexandra Lake
North through Alexandra Lake to Edward Lake
Southwest through Whitney Lake
West through Cobble Lake
West through Little Cobble Lake
P 90 m to Augite Lake
P 92 m to Lift lake
North through Lift Lake
P 15 m to Balmain Lake
P 90 m to Gordon Lake
Northwest through Gordon Lake
P 396 m to Little Gordon Lake
P 90 m to S Lake
West along S Lake
P 90 m to Daniels Lake
North through Daniels lake
P 495 m to Daniels Creek
Northwest on Daniels Creek
East through Shrub Lake
P 270 m to small lake
P 180 m to Canyon Lake
East on Canyon Lake
P 18 m across railroad tracks to Cobble River
South on Cobble River
P 27 m to Forest lake
South then east to Whitney Lake
East through Whitney Lake
South through Alexandra Lake
P 27 m to Langton Lake
P 250 m to Blue Lake
Finish at Blue Lake Provincial Park

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52 F/13 Feist Lake
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52 F/NW Blue Lake (Provincial Series map)


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If you follow this route description without getting the MNR brochure, you will never find your way through. The route description listed here is rather in-accurate in regards to one portage. The comment portage 90 meters to Daniels Lake from S Lake, leads you to believe you go down Daniels Creek, because there is no other place you can get to a spot where a 90 meter portage puts you into Daniels Lake. DO NOT try to go down Daniels Creek unless you like to pull your canoe hundreds of meters through swamp grass to get to a body of water you can see ahead. Once you get there, you will discover that at the far side of that small lake, the trail and creek disappear forever. You may find the remains of our campfire, and campsite we hacked out of the brush. The REAL portage is north of Daniels Creek, in the upper northwest end of S lake, a portage into an un-named lake, cross that lake straight west, and portage out of that lake into Daniels Lake. The MNR brochure shows a crude map that will lead you in the correct direction, but this route description does not.