Missinaibi River - Missanabie to Peterbell

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90 km
5 days
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1810 m
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450 m
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Town of Missanabie via Hwy 651 (50 km north of Hwy 101)
Train access to Peterbell
East on Dog Lake
P 290 m (crosses height of land)
Northeast through Crooked Lake
P 360 m to Missinaibi Lake
Southeast then east through Missinaibi Lake
East on Missinaibi River
P 200 m R around Quittagene Rapids
Cedar Rapids (CBR)
P 200 m L around Long Rapids (or CBR)
P 100 m L around rapids (or CBR)
P 100 m L around rapids (or CBR)
P 450 m L around Sun Rapids (or CBR)
P 200 m L around Barrel Rapids (or CBR)
Finish at town of Peterbell

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42 C/8 Franz 42 B/5 Missinaibi Lake 42 B/6 Makonie Lake 42 B/11 Peterbell
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Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


I went from Lake MIssanaibi to Mattice in late July about 5-6 years ago. Bugs bad. The river was like a long lake with little current except at rapids. We hit a rapid or waterfall about once every 10 miles. Most we lined. Didn't need to do more than 4-5 portages. THe longest was Greenwood which was filled with blowdowns. Be careful, it would be easy to get killed on these rapids. We avoided almost all of the portages by lining. No current between rapids so be prepared to paddle. Very beautiful river and good fishing. Walleys in the river, no trout.