George L. to Threenarrows L.

CanadaOntarioGeorgian Bay coast
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46 km
4 days
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8070 m
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3160 m
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Not applicable
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Long, steep portages

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Start at George Lake - main campground
East on George Lake
P 50 m L around dam
East on Freeland Lake
P 430 m to Killarney
North then west through Killarney Lake
Liftover at beaver dam, then P 180 m into O.S.A.
West through O.S.A. Lake
P 270 m into Muriel Lake
P 210 m into Artist Lake
P 100m at narrows in Artist Lake
P 740 m to Baie Fine
West on Baie Fine to Campsite
Camp night ??? on Baie Fine
P 1530 m to Threenarrows Lake
Northeast on Threenarrows Lake
P 540 m on Threenarrows Lake
East on Threenarrows Lake
P 380 m to small unnamed lake
P 3160 m to Killarney
South through Killarney Lake
P 430 m to Freeland Lake
West through Freeland Lake
P 50 m to George Lake
West on George Lake to finish at park.

Maps Required
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41 I/13 Lake Panache 41 I/14 Whitefish Falls
Other Maps: 
Killarney Provincial Park map published by Friends of Killarney - shows all campsites, portages, etc.
Special Comments: 

This is a very ambitious four-day trip. Even a five day trip would be busy because of the amount of portaging. It might make a nice one-week trip - with lots of time to poke around Threenarrows.

Some killer portages - a very steep 1530 m between Baie Fine and Threenarrows (the steepest one in the park) and a fairly level but very long 3160 m between Threenarrows and Killarney. You`ll be carrying your canoes and gear for over 20% of this route


Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00



It was an early morning on the 1st of July of 2002, at the Roche Rouge campground. We were deciding during a late breakfast where to go, since we had not made our decision the day before due to unknown weather conditions. We put a Killarney Provincial Park map on the table and started to compare different alternatives for a one-day loop trip. Finally we came to a conclusion. To make the George Lake – Freeland Lake – Killarney Lake – Threenarrows Lake - Artist Lake – Muriel Lake – O.S.A. Lake – Killarney Lake – Freeland Lake – George Lake loop. Even though we noticed that the portage between Threenarrows and Killarney is pretty long (3160 m), and the other one between Threenarrows and Artist (1320 + 700 m) could be steep one (we did not know that this one is considered the steepest one in the park. We also made a wrong assumption due to primitive ‘map delusion’ that we would go all the way down if we come from Threenarrows to Artist Lake) we decided to give it a try. We had all the necessary and sufficient conditions: promising weather, two 16’ Kevlar canoes, four paddles, four life jackets, Killarney Provincial Park map, a few sandwiches, some fruits and water. It was a beautiful sunny morning and after a half an hour discussion we drew our conclusion based on the last strong argument: “If not today, then when?”

Route Description:

Start at George Lake - main campground around 10AM
East on George Lake ~ 40min
P 80 m L around dam
East on Freeland Lake ~ 30min
P 455 m to Killarney
North then east through Killarney Lake ~ 1hr

Until this point it was a quite usual and familiar route.
P 3160 m to small-unnamed lake
After this portage it became clear to us that no matter what we would not go back through this portage again today.
P 395 m to Threenarrows Lake
North then southwest on Threenarrows Lake
Swim and lunch at beginning of portage
P 540 m on Threenarrows Lake (Old portage not shown on the new map, difficult to find, no clear path)
Southwest on Threenarrows Lake
P 1320+700m to Artist Lake
East on Artist Lake
East on “Venice” Lake
P 210 m to Muriel Lake
East on Muriel Lake
P 595 m to O.S.A Lake
We finished the portage and continued on. However, it was getting late and the sky was beginning to darken.
East on O.S.A Lake ~ 1hr
P 455 m to Killarney Lake
East then South on Killarney Lake
P 455 m to Freeland Lake
West through Freeland Lake
We could feel our tired shoulders ache under the weight of the heavy canoe. We were extremely tired now and took a short break to drink some water and rest. We enjoyed lots of fire worms flying across the water and showing us the way home.
At 10:30 we came to the last short portage that we needed to cross.
P 80 m to George Lake
West on George Lake to finish at park around 11:30PM.
At that point we realized that our trip was over and we could relax and take a final swim before going to the camp. We were awfully tired and extremely happy…

Mrs. Valentina Aganov
Mrs. Maria Kusina
Mr. Alex Aganov
Mr. David Shneider